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  FAQ Answer

---- U-19: Why does your credit system count all requests and not just those for which equipment is actually received? ---- It is impossible for us to count only those requests where you receive equipment. This exchange network works anonymously, and our success is based on trust and honesty of everyone involved. We never know for certain what you have received unless the offerer tells us when they cancel their offering. We are not in contact with the offerer, rather we simply forward your request directly to them. The offerer has no obligation to contact us, or to tell anyone to whom they gave their gift, and rightly so. When you ask us for more credits, it is up to you to be honest with all of us and tell us what you have received. As a convenience to you, each time you make a request, you are informed of your remaining credits, so you have plenty of time to ask for more credits in advance of running out. Our goal is to make this exchange process as simple and easy as possible for everyone involved. Once approved, there is no need for login names or passwords. Any request you make for equipment is only two clicks away from your email box, and request credits are free for the asking when you follow appropriate procedures. ----

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