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  FAQ Answer

---- U-27: What about fraud and professionalism? ---- With regard to fraud, our donors will rarely complain about our nonprofit participants, but on occasion, it will be brought to our attention that a requesting participant did not follow through with their promise to provide a tax receipt, or to remit payment for costs involved in an agreed upon shipment. When the integrity of one of our participants is called into question by a donor, their account is immediately suspended until all the particulars of the complaint are worked out to the full satisfaction of everyone involved. If a participant is determined to have been fraudulent or grossly negligent, if necessary, we will proceed with filing a report of our findings with their local Sheriff, and/or any and all local and national Consumer Protection Agencies, along with all applicable regulatory agencies for further investigation. With regard to professionalism, experience has shown that those representatives of organizations who do not have the discipline or ability to compose a simple business email correspondence using proper salutation, capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, have proven over time to be the most unreliable. Therefore, if you are a representative of a cause or an organization, and if you do not present yourself in a professional and business like manner to us or our prospective donors, it is unlikely we will allow you to use or continue to use our service. As a professional representative of your cause or organization, in absolutely all of your written communication with us and with our prospective donors, it is necessary that you take adequate time to proof-read your correspondence for proper capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. ----

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