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  FAQ Answer

---- U-18: We have made a request and have not received a response. What is next? How do I know the status of each request I make? ---- If an offerer of equipment does not contact you directly and tell you why they have not chosen to give you their equipment, then you can only assume someone else has received the equipment and the offerer has not yet canceled their offering. We are not in contact with the offerer, rather we simply forward your request directly to them. The offerer has full discretion whether to contact you or not. Many times, several others have requested the same equipment, or the offerer had decided to give the equipment away locally. The offerer has no obligation to contact those who made a request and to whom they did not give their gift. To increase your chances of receiving a response from those who offer equipment, please read this entire FAQ and follow the suggestions we offer for improving your results. ----

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