Donate Technology for Education
Offer Computers, Laptops, Cameras
Projectors, Copiers, Accessories
Phone Systems, Storage Media
Office Furniture & more
Donate Useful Items
to Benefit the Non-Profit Sector
In the Classroom and for the Office
since 1994

  FAQ Answer

---- U-29: I saw on another website a place where I can submit information about your website so others can learn about your great service. Can I submit your URL? ---- Yes, you may submit our URL, and descriptive information on other suitable web pages, in forums, and to search engines. You may use the descriptive text below, personalizing it a bit to your tastes. The website provides a convenient, secure, and easy to use means of exchange for donors and nonprofit recipients. The Nonprofit Recycling Network is focused on the productive transfer and reuse of office and school equipment. They assist teachers, technicians, schools, churches, and community leaders who are interested in reusing office and school technology. They make it easy to keep good, used technology out of the waste stream while putting it back into service where it helps most. ----

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