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  FAQ Answer

---- U-14: How can we increase our success with acquiring donations? ---- Obviously, when you make a request, you do so in competition with all other organizations who have done the same. Your close proximity to the offerer makes matters of delivering the equipment to you easier, so you will have more success with those equipment offerings located nearest to you. How well you present information about your project on your web site and upon our application form is a key factor to consider when someone must decide whether or not they wish to contact you or support your cause over another. Are your goals and objectives clearly stated? Have you written clear and concise sentences without errors? Your website is your electronic calling card. How well does your website reflect upon you and your organization? What kind of feedback have friends, associates, and supporters given you about your website? Do you have a "Flash" only website? You should realize many web users will be able to view your website. To learn more about why Flash websites are not a good idea, visit: Finally, we need to consider "computer donation offerings" as a perishable commodity. A perishable commodity is something that has a limited life span. For example, when someone offers equipment, they typically want to move that equipment out of their house or office quickly. Therefore, your chances of receiving the best equipment is greatly increased when you are subscribed to our daily email list. Whenever you notice a suitable offering, make your request immediately, before all others, and while the offering is still fresh. As a member, when you are subscribed to our daily email list, a notice is delivered directly to your mailbox each morning which lists every new offering posted on our site. Submitting your request is literally two mouse clicks away from your email inbox. Members may use their User ID number to subscribe to our daily email notifications list here: ----

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