Donate Technology for Education
Offer Computers, Laptops, Cameras
Projectors, Copiers, Accessories
Phone Systems, Storage Media
Office Furniture & more
Donate Useful Items
to Benefit the Non-Profit Sector
In the Classroom and for the Office
since 1994

  FAQ Answer

---- U-26: How can we increase donation offers in our locality? ---- Mention us in your local newspaper, newsletter, bulletin board, Internet discussion group, chat community, blog, podcast, or on your website. In due time you will notice an increase of donation offers from your area and beyond. If you would like us to contact any of your local media sources and tell them about our exchange network, simply let us know. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or any professional organization to which you may belong both on and off-line are all suitable venues. Please join our Facebook network and invite your friends here: ----

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