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  FAQ Answer

---- U-24: Can we request equipment offerings from far off locations when the offerer is UNWILLING to ship? ---- Our service is designed to work in the best interests of all parties involved. We have great concern for any annoyances our prospective donors may endure. If a donor from an Eastern state tells us they are UNWILLING to package and ship their gift, and then one of our nonprofit participants from a Western state requests their offering, then evidently something is amiss. Therefore, if your group intends to make requests to far off locations from prospective donors who are UNWILLING to ship, we need to know IN ADVANCE exactly which cities where you have established contacts who are ready and willing to pickup requested donation offerings on your behalf. We will list these specific locations in your profile for each prospective donor to see so no confusion will arise. When a donor commits to giving to a group, and when that group does not follow through with pickup for whatever reason, that is an affront to their generosity, a bother, and an inconvenience. It makes your group look bad, and it makes our non-profit exchange service look bad. Your associates, wherever they may be, must be ready and willing to follow through for you in a timely and proficient manner. ----

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