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  FAQ Answer

---- U-16: We don't want to use our request credits on offerings that we have little chance of receiving. Can you offer some tips? ---- An equipment offering will continue to be listed on our pages until the offerer cancels the offering, or until the offering expires. Each time an offerer receives a request through us, it is a simple process for them to cancel their offering. Of course, some who offer equipment may neglect to cancel their offering in a timely manner, so your best chances of receiving any offering will always be when the offering is fresh, or newly listed. To be informed of new listings promptly, it is best for you to be subscribed to our daily email list here: Here is a secret tip that may help you. Recent offers are listed here: Please take note of a sequence of characters at the lower left hand corner of each offering. For example, you will see a sequence that may appear similar to this: DN2468135 0 1 P 29 or this DN2468135 2 1 C 4 This coded sequence can be interpreted as follows: The first column represents the donation ID number and can be ignored. The second column represents the total number of requests made for this offering, and the third column represents the total number of days this offering has been listed with us. The fourth column indicates whether this offering will be Canceled (C) or made Public (P) after the number of days listed in the fifth column. If the fifth column is a negative number, then the offering is currently available to the public. ----

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