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  FAQ Answer

---- U-21: We are an International Organization (NGO) in a developing nation without a shipping representative in the USA. Can you help us? ---- Past experience has proven clearly that in being outside the USA, our exchange network is of little value to those without a tax-exempt receiving agent residing within the USA. Most all our donors are US citizens, and as such are required to pay income taxes to the US-IRS (United States Internal Revenue Service). When a donor offering equipment "REQUIRES an IRS Receipt", they require a receipt from a US-IRS tax-exempt organization. Therefore, only IRS tax-exempt nonprofit organizations may request equipment requiring a tax-exempt receipt. Secondly, overseas shipping costs most always exceed the market value of older equipment offered. Further complications arise with local pickup, pre-shipment testing, packaging, and delivery of the equipment overseas. Finally, complications arise with administrative corruption, theft, and troublesome customs agents. Due to the high cost and risk involved, we find it necessary for our participants to have an authorized agent residing within the United States. This agent should be IRS tax-exempt, and fully ready, willing, and able to responsibly receive, test, package, and transport any equipment requested. Such restrictions are a necessary courtesy to those offering equipment through us. Computer Aid International does provide high quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in developing nations. They have shipped tons of equipment to good causes overseas and into over one hundred nations. They are the largest and most experienced provider of their kind in the world. Please visit: ----

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