Donate Technology for Education
Offer Computers, Laptops, Cameras
Projectors, Copiers, Accessories
Phone Systems, Storage Media
Office Furniture & more
Donate Useful Items
to Benefit the Non-Profit Sector
In the Classroom and for the Office
since 1994

  FAQ Answer

---- U-13: Our web site does not work, or is incomplete. We intend to complete your application process anyway just to see what happens. Will you accept our application? ---- No, we will not. Please don't waste your time or our time. Today, websites are free and easy for anyone to make. The information on your website is a reflection of how you operate your organization. A website is your electronic calling card. Many of our donors want to know about your organization before they make contact with you. Please take time to do whatever is necessary to fix or complete your web site before submitting your application to us. Your webpage is also a permanent record of public information to which anyone can follow-up, and it is vital to our verification process. If you are unable to repair or complete your web page, please contact us directly for individualized instruction. ----

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