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  FAQ Answer

---- U-15: I was searching your archives of older equipment offerings and noticed an item we would like to request. Is this equipment still available after all this time? ---- Many who offer equipment through our service are small to medium size businesses. These firms often have equipment available on a regular basis. Anyone who offers equipment through our service can easily cancel or delete their offering instantly, anytime they receive a request. For whatever reason, this offering has not been canceled. It takes very little effort and it does not hurt anyone for you to make a simple request for equipment through our service. At the very least, you may be reminding the offerer to cancel their offering, and with a little luck, the offerer may contact you about some other equipment which has recently come available. If you use up all your free request credits, simply tell us about your experiences while using our service, and we will issue additional credits so you may continue. When issuing additional credits, we take into consideration the fact that you had been helping out through requesting our dated offerings. If you support our work with a cash contribution, we will generously extend you ample credits automatically, so it is unlikely you will ever run out. The fact is, we must encourage you to support us financially, because we depend on your contributions for our growth and development. ----

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