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  FAQ Answer

---- U-11: How can we get more free request credits? Is there a limit to how many requests I can make? ---- A limit is set on the number of free requests available when your application is initially approved. This limit is set with consideration to all other users and to prevent abuse. Supporting tax-exempt IRS nonprofit participants are allowed priority treatment since they are into both, the business of helping others, and helping us to fund this service. Those who donate 20 USD quarterly receive unlimited request credits. Newly approved, non-yet-supporting, IRS tax-exempt nonprofit participants receive four free requests intially, and as they open a dialog with us telling us honestly about their experiences with using our service, they can continue to earn additional free credits. In other words, non-supporting participants wishing to acquire additional credits must openly discuss with us their experiences while using our service. Once we have helped you, and if you wish to continue to use our service for the long term, we expect you to help us help others in return. For those we have yet to help, it is important for us to know how you are doing, and why our system may not be working for you. Often, a few simple changes in strategy can produce great results, and we want to see you succeed. If a non-supporting participant does not open a dialog with us about their experiences, or if the participant does not remit a token contribution, when they use up their credits, their account will become inactive. To re-activate your account, simply visit the "Member Account Adminstration" area, and open a dialog with us through the "Credits" link. This simple process of direct, open communication with each of our non-profit participants allows us to fine-tune our exchange process, allowing everyone to have better a more positive and fruitful experience. Direct communication opens an avenue for us to provide more personalized service, and offer timely advice to participants on how to leverage their efforts for high returns. For qualified technicians who intend to focus on requesting older equipment for building a parts inventory, ask about our special program where you can receive unlimited free request credits over an introductory period. ----

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