Donate Technology for Education
Offer Computers, Laptops, Cameras
Projectors, Copiers, Accessories
Phone Systems, Storage Media
Office Furniture & more
Donate Useful Items
to Benefit the Non-Profit Sector
In the Classroom and for the Office
since 1994

  FAQ Answer

---- U-6: Is this a free service? ---- Yes, it is free to join the network, yet for those who glean equipment from our service for the long term, we ask that you help with our operating expenses. A suggested minimum donation would be twenty dollars for three months of service, depending on how well the service works for you. Another simple rule for giving is this: If you benefit from our work, please give back in return so that we may meet our own expense obligations. Your giving is voluntary, and payments are accepted on an honor system. Your gift to Recycles.Org is not tax-deductible, yet necessary for our continued growth and development. Beyond voluntary giving, we request that you provide a reciprocal link from your website to ours. places a direct link from our website to your website through our directory here: ----

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