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since 1994

  FAQ Answer

---- U-9: How do we make a request for equipment? ---- A successful request is based upon applying for and acquiring a valid User ID number. Once you have obtained uour User ID number, you may proceed with making requests. A listing of our most recent donation offerings is posted here: This list is updated daily. When you identify a potential donor whom you would like to contact, click "Request Above Equipment". If you have not already entered your User ID number, you will be provided with a place to do so. Enter your User ID number if asked, and submit. After your ID number has been entered, you will be directed to our request page, where the details of this individual offering are listed along with your account information. Review the request information, verify your account information, and click the final submit button. Our service is designed so that submitting your request is literally two mouse clicks away from your email inbox. ----

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