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Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Contents

Part 1   Questions from Donors

Q 1: How do I offer to donate my items?

Q 2: What sort of items do you accept?

Q 3: Where are you located and do you pickup?

Q 4: How are donated items used?

Q 5: Is my contact information protected from spam or abuse?

Q 6: How do I change or cancel my offer once submitted?

Q 7: Do you assess a value for tax purposes?

Q 8: How may I be assured of an organization's IRS Status?

Q 9: Do you scrub, wipe, or clean hard drives?

Q 10: Do you provide EPA certification for donations of monitors?

Q 11: No one seems to want my old equipment. Can you give me any tips on how to get this junk out of my office?

Part 2   Questions from Participants

Q 1: How does our nonprofit group acquire a User ID number?

Q 2: Our User ID does not work or we lost it.

Q 3: How long must we wait for our application to be approved?

Q 4: We did not receive an email from Why?

Q 5: Can our NPO participate if we do not have a webpage?

Q 6: Is this a free service?

Q 7: We're not affiliated with a nonprofit group and wish to participate. Does your service provide free computers, or can you refer us to assistance?

Q 8: How do we change our account information? Where do we login? What is our password?

Q 9: How do we make a request for equipment?

Q 10: What happens once I finally submit my request?

Q 11: How can we get more free request credits? Is there a limit to how many requests I can make?

Q 12: We need laptops, notebooks, and netbooks. We want a good, working, fast one, and it is best if we had it yesterday. Can you provide us with a free laptop computer?

Q 13: Our web site does not work, or is incomplete. We intend to complete your application process anyway just to see what happens. Will you accept our application?

Q 14: How can we increase our success with acquiring donations?

Q 15: I was searching your archives of older equipment offerings and noticed an item we would like to request. Is this equipment still available after all this time?

Q 16: We don't want to use our request credits on offerings that we have little chance of receiving. Can you offer some tips?

Q 17: How can I be sure the equipment I am requesting is in full working order?

Q 18: We have made a request and have not received a response. What is next? How do I know the status of each request I make?

Q 19: Why does your credit system count all requests and not just those for which equipment is actually received?

Q 20: I am a student, stay-at-home mom, disabled person, private individual, or a for-profit business enterprise. Will you accept my application?

Q 21: We are an International Organization (NGO) in a developing nation without a shipping representative in the USA. Can you help us?

Q 22: What are "Public Offerings"?

Q 23: Can we offer to pay for packaging and shipping?

Q 24: Can we request equipment offerings from far off locations when the offerer is UNWILLING to ship?

Q 25: What is the most common way to negotiate shipping?

Q 26: How can we increase donation offers in our locality?

Q 27: What about fraud and professionalism?

Q 28: Send your logo so we can put it on our website.

Q 29: I saw on another website a place where I can submit information about your website so others can learn about your great service. Can I submit your URL?

Q 30: You offer such a great and innovative service in so many ways, and I want to see you succeed. How can we support this project financially?

Q 31: This FAQ does not answer my question, or I noticed an abuse, misuse, error, or inconsistency.