"If you have anything useful you'd like to offer to a cause, here's the perfect solution!"

    We provide a simple, secure and convenient means of exchange for donors and nonprofit recipients.

    We're focused on the productive transfer and reuse of office and school materials.

    We make it easy to keep good things out of the waste stream while prolonging the usable life of anything for a cause.

    We represent a diverse and growing network of nonprofit professionals serving causes around the world who want and need your gift.

    We're here for schools, churches, technology, science, health, learning and activity centers, teachers, counselors, technicians, community leaders and organizers who hold interests in reusing school, office and laboratory technology.

    No login or password is required, while you remain anonymous until you selectively initiate contact with a pre-screened nonprofit of your choice from a list of interested nonprofit participants.

What we do for you

We provide a specialized-niche exchange process that is proven to work.

Donation offers and initial requests are monitored and nonprofit participants are screened while we take into consideration options for pick-up, shipping, and tax-exempt status.

We serve as an asset to communities, being especially helpful to isolated communities within or near large metropolitan centers.

We are here to cordially, competently and personally assist you with building bridges toward philanthropy while providing advice about technology recycling and reuse for education.

Your responsibility

You are obligated to make all arrangements for giving while we assist with enabling a smooth network experience.

We monitor for network abuse and remove troublesome users while you are responsible for making contact and officiating your own transaction.

Our nonprofit participants are screened for deception and abuse, and are believed to be law-abiding, yet it is your responsibility to determine the full extent of their legitimacy as a candidate for your gift.

Report any suspicious activity to us, and consult with qualified professionals before making important business decisions.

Offer to donate anything

Offer anything a growing nonprofit may need. Your offer remains "an offer to donate" while you remain anonymous. Only when you initiate a reply to a requesting nonprofit participant is your identity revealed.

You have the convenience of anonymously browsing through a list of pre-screened applicants who have made a specific request for your gift and who will be the direct recipient or end user.

You are never obligated to act upon any single request received for any offer made.


Chances are every one of your questions has already been answered, but we're hoping to hear something new from you!

Our dream is to always hear valuable feedback from each and every one of our readers, but please be considerate of our time when asking question that may have already been answered in our FAQ.

You may pre-register your interest with us, but before you do, both potential donors and nonprofit participants are strongly encouraged to read our FAQ to understand how and why we function as we do.

There's never an obligation or risk to you!

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