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Participating Organizations
from Washington

Auburn, Washington
Valley Christian School

Valley Christian School exists to provide quality education from a Christian perspective by giving individual students attention from faculty and staff. We emphasize the cultivation of home, school, and church relationships since education is only complete when reinforced by strong ties to families and churches.

Bellevue, Washington
The Maasai Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc

Our mission is to give hope and a voice to indigenous groups around the world through education, community development, and poverty eradication.

Kent, Washington
Liberians United For Childrens Future

Locally, nationally and internationally, Liberians United for Childrens Future is a vocal advocate for the hungry children and displaced. LUCF is dedicated to help most children reach their potential by fostering academic growth, personal growth, and tolerance in the needed countries mostly affected by War and Natural Disasters. We also believe that every child deserves to live and be educated.

Lake Forest Park, Washington
Washington Kids In Transition

We provide basic food, clothing, hygiene and emergency shelter needs to homeless students attending school in the Edmonds School District. It is our hope that by providing basics needs, our students can focus on school instead of hunger, friends instead of shelter and security instead of being scared. WE partner with on site social workers to help our homeless kids feel loved by their community. We know they can succeed with the right support and we want to support them.

Lakewood, Washington
Disabled Operators School of America, Inc

DOSA trains persons with disabilities to use and service computer technology, as well as training as call center operators. Our mission is to help those in need of basic computer technology, and to provide solutions for people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantaged persons.

Olympia, Washington
Olympia Film Society

The Olympia Film Society (OFS), a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, was founded in 1980. We present film screenings and other events seven days a week inside the Capitol Theater, a grand old 750-seat venue built in 1924. Our mission is to enhance film appreciation within the community by promoting alternative films and by aiding and encouraging the development of allied arts.

Poulsbo, Washington
Out Of The Ashes

We reach out to other families across the country that have also experienced a house fire to help them start their rebuilding process and to hold their hand every step of the way. We also conduct training sessions to help prepare families for this type of disaster.

Redmond , Washington
Camp Kindness Counts

We empower, inspire and enable children to make a positive impact with their kind acts through partnering with other nonprofits in our community, sponsoring after school programs, summer camps, and parent educational workshops/meetings. We are passionate about changing the culture in schools and creating an environment of intelligent, kind leaders.

Seattle, Washington
Development Companions International

Empower local communities Christian communities to do ministry.

Seattle, Washington
Chief Seattle Club

A safe place to affirm, nature, and renew the Spirit of Urban American/Alaskan Natives.

Snohomish, Washington
Cornerstone Ministry Group

Cornerstone Ministry Group works with the incarcerated who are in the process of transitioning back to society. We also work with the families of said incarcerated. We are looking at getting laptops for the guys who are releasing so they have means to apply for jobs, etc.

Spokane, Washington
East Central Community Center

We promote, advocate, and encourage self-help, public service, economic development, educational development, personal development, and improving the physical environment among the residents of the East Central Community Neighborhood.

Spokane Valley, Washington
Likii Tender Hearts

We are guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ that resonates with the feeding of the 5000 people from 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish (Mark 6: 31-44), our mission is to build a Spirit of Giving to victims and families who have been impacted by AIDS and depression in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Tacoma, Washington
All About The Cross Ministries

We are a community based ministry in the Parkland area showing the love of Christ while providing food, clothing, assistance with locating additional community resources for those in need.

Vancouver, Washington

As a marketing manager for I am focused on providing non profit organizations or potential non profits that are becoming part of the supportive housing movement to help the mentally ill and disabled homeless community to find housing and supply them with the resources at their fingertips to give them to opportunity to improve their lives and become functioning and productive members of our community.

Vancouver, Washington
Lifeline Connections

Our mission is to inspire hope and support life saving changes for people affected by substance use and mental health conditions. We provide integrated care, comprehensive services, and enduring relationships through a well trained and dedicated staff.

Vashon, Washington
Natural Villages

We create new opportunities and possibilities with affordable earth-based housing construction techniques in at-risk communities. We have projects in the U.S. and South America, including several community-built cob houses at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.