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Participating Organizations
from Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia
Salvation Academy

We provide inspiration for people of different nationalities, care for the children and families in our disadvantaged communities. We link donors with poor children and families in countries where we operate. We establish vocational education and development projects that address the basic sources of poverty. We assist refugees and victims of disaster. Salvation Academy is an alternate educational institution that directly deliver post-secondary education opportunities in educationally under-served communities that lack access to colleges and universities. We work in partnership with employers and other institutions of higher education that complement our efforts. We are focus on capacity building and training programs that prepare our clients for leadership positions in our communities.

Alexandria, Virginia
Trinity Ambassadors International

We provide pre-employment technology training to youth age 13-18 years old. Program participants each receives a computer. TAI also runs Vocational Healthcareer trainings for single mothers and unemployed residents in Northern VA, Wahsington DC, and MD metro area.

Ashland, Virginia
Affordable and Nice

Our mission is to ease help alleviate poverty in our community. We extend support to local charities and serve the of the poor. We partner with "Love A Child", a humanitarian organization providing health care and basic needs for families, orphans and the most disadvantaged.

Bealeton, Virginia
Liberty Community Foundation

We work to develop and strengthen relationships with others, with God, and with our community because we believe that relationships are the fragile lace that secure the foundations of the world, give hope for peace and understanding, and provide for lives of meaning and consequence. Our focus is centered on bridging relationships among and within generations. We work to: * build and improve marriages * develop family relationships * work with teens * develop community resources * get others involved

Chesapeake, Virginia
Truth Transformation Ministries

Youth and Young Adult organization of Truth Transformation Ministries consisting of young adults between 12-30 years and meeting monthly for bible study. At power house ministry, the youth and young adults minister in youth service through Spoken Word, mime, dance, song, and instrumental music, while also participating in community food drives, back to school drives, and Holiday gift drives.

Chesapeake, Virginia
Triple R Ranch

At Triple R Ranch our goal first and foremost is for our guests to have a life changing encounter with God and to share with them the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that the outdoors is a great tool for communicating that truth. With that we aim to use a wide range of outdoors activities and adventures to present Biblical truth in a practical way by using the outdoors as a medium in order to instill spiritual and moral depth to develop tomorrows leaders.

Chesterfield, Virginia
Good News Christian Academy

We work to help each child develop in the manner God has set forth for them, to see that each child grows and matures by meeting their needs physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually, and to be an extension of the home by offering a nurturing and loving atmosphere.

Dumfries, Virginia
Heritage Multicultural Youth & Family Program, Inc

We provide mental health and support services to families. Our purpose is to address the gap in services by offering culturally sensitive services that are intended to meet the unique needs of diverse language and cultural minority peoples. Our experienced staff and volunteers offer immigrant/refugee families the opportunity to access professional, affordable/free and time limited services.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

We provide an outlet to individuals in recovery or who are trying to make that their path in life. We want to have the ability to point an individual to the right path and resources and generate a social network of sobriety. Our main goal is to provide an outlet for people that are trying to find a new path in life away from addiction. TheDryLife will work to create awareness of sobriety and support services available to the community.

Galax, Virginia
Wartime Medical Inc.

We use computers and software to develop and produce synthetic vaccines and antibodies working to change the world in a positive way.

Hampton, Virginia
Helping Students Inc.

I am creating a program in which students can obtain computer and laptops for college. These devices will be completely free of charge to the students in need and may be kept if grades expectations are maintained and/or they graduate. This program is a needs-based program for those who can not obtain these devices on their own.

Haymarket, Virginia
World Partners For Development

We make positive impact in peoples lives by working in partnership to develop and implement sustainable innovative solutions to some of the worlds most urgent challenges affecting human lives. Our dedicated group works with the public-sector and private partners to improve lives in the areas of education, health, environment, social and economic development.

Lynchburg, Virginia
Channel Initiative

Channel Initiative has a vision of a world free from extreme human suffering where the most seemingly at-risk communities are empowered to create incredible impact where they live.We reach and respond to the urgent needs of under-served, vulnerable populations worldwide. We work together with a community of activists, nonprofits, mission minded businesses and churches to create effective, locally-owned and empowering solutions to the most pressing needs of these under-served communities.

Manassas, Virginia
Response USA For Relief And Development

Response USA's Mission is to work with others to make a difference in the lives of extreme poor and vulnerable populations - with a focus on women, girls and children, through integrated and participatory approaches.

Moneta, Virginia
SML Good Neighbors, Inc.

Developing good neighbors skills and values in children through programs that nourish, educate and support them while providing life-changing experiences for college students through leadership development internships.

Portsmouth, Virginia
Hope Charitable Services

We serve the poor, educate and provide resources to help them gain meaningful employment. To help keep at-risk children in school by providing them with learning resources, and tutors to guide them along the way during before and after care. We feed the poor and provide dental care once per year.

Portsmouth, Virginia
The Mark Empowerment Temple

Our vision is to build a family of baptized believers empowered by the Word of God, and to change the world one soul at a time. We assist people to get back on their feet through gaining employment and helping to find their individual identity in Christ.

Richmond, Virginia
The Stone Foundation

The Mission of The Stone Foundation is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities of the world. We draw on our collective expertise in the fields of healthcare, education and technology to promote innovative solutions for community development. Our goal is to facilitate lasting change by: (1) Strengthening capacity for self-help (2) Promoting health awareness (3) Creating educational opportunity (4) Delivering relief in emergencies (5) Addressing discrimination.

Richmond, Virginia
Resource Information Help For The Disadvantaged

Nonprofit public charity dedicated towards reducing crime and reducing recidivism through programs that educate at-risk youth; prisoner and former felon self-rehabilitation.

Richmond, Virginia
Project Community

We provide instruction for both the novice and advanced individual with the needed skills in computer technology at all levels of understanding.

Richmond, Virginia
Digivisits Inc.

Our mission is to utilize technology to alleviate the emotional, physical and financial distress that families endure due to an incarcerated family member and provide positive social and educational opportunities for the children of incarcerated parents.

Richmond, Virginia
Patty's Hope

We offer hope, healing and practical help for biological mothers of children in foster care. Our hope is for every child in foster care to have a healed, positive and stable biological mother, and that people who come into contact with Patty's Hope will come to know Jesus or know him better. Our four key program components are safe housing, trauma recovery, life skills and healthy community.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Saint Mark A.M.E.

Our Mission is to develop a computer learning center to teach children and adults lacking in computer literacy skills. We hope to better serve our community and give under privilege children and young adults the opportunity to become productive citizens.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Landstown High School

My mission is to provide my students with cutting edge instruction using the internet as well as other sources.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Landstown High School

The mission of Landstown high school, in partnership with family and community, is to provide a balanced and diverse educational experience through the intergration of academics, electives and technology to allow students to discover and develop their full potential for performance and success.