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Participating Organizations
from Utah

Farr West, Utah
Southwest Mastiff Rescue, Inc

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate homeless, abandoned and unwanted mastiff breed dogs.

Grantsville, Utah
Grantsville Elementary School

I am a Reading Specialist that works out of a portable. Teachers inside the building have access to technology before teachers outside do. I have children in an early morning reading program before school. I would like to have access to computers for them to use to help them read more efficiently.

Kanab, Utah
God's Chosen Ones Ministry

God's Chosen Ones Ministry is committed to creating a brighter tomorrow for Haiti by raising up the next generation of Haitian leader today.

Logan, Utah
African Organization For Academic And Athletic Dev

Our purpose is to lower illiteracy in Africa which is due to poverty and a lack of mentoring. We promote health and education through sports in Africa. This will help ease the hard and unsanitary conditions that some of the youth are living in. We want to provide the necessary minimum for progress in terms of goods and services so the kids can stay in school.

Saint George, Utah
Westside Baptist Church

We are an independent Baptist Church and a Private Christian School dedicated to providing spiritual growth, counseling services, and K-12 education in our community. We are a Bible based Christian organization dedicated to teaching Gods Word, sending missionaries into the world, and proclaiming salvation through Christs finished work at Calvary. Our school is dedicated to providing a quality education that prepares students for a lifetime of learning.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Helping Hand Association Dba The Haven

We provide effective and affordable treatment based upon client motivation rather than ability to pay. We have been operating since 1969 and have never refused substance abuse treatment to anyone in need. When an individual cannot afford treatment, we find alternative ways to provide for them. We are able to do this through grants and the generous support of our community.

Vernal, Utah
Uintah School Of Music And The Arts

We provide children and adults with the opportunity to learn and master string instruments, including piano, guitar and voice, as well as the occasion to discover the cultural importance and value of the arts that they would not have otherwise be allowed in the Uintah Basin.