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Participating Organizations
from Tennessee

Bethel Springs, Tennessee
Oak Foundation

We are a Pagan Church expanding to a physical community. We are building a library and computer area for all members to use. We rely solely on public and private donations with no government involvement as we believe in the true separation of church and state. We are registered with IRS as tax-exempt church.

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Blessed Musicians Program

Blessed Musicians offer a free of charge service providing music lessons to needy, troubled, and at-risk youths. The program is offered to teens especially, but open to others in need who wish to learn how to play a musical instrument. We believe music is a universal language belonging to everyone, therefore we offer it freely to our youth, or anyone who wishes to learn to speak this all-important language.

Columbia, Tennessee
NAMI Maury County

We provide support, education and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families. We promote better quality of care, rights and interests of people with mental illness, particularly of those who cannot speak for themselves, and to advocate policies at the local, state and national levels to accomplish these objectives. We help families and friends of people with mental illness by providing emotional support, education and information.

Columbia, Tennessee
The Family Center

The Family Center is a non-profit child abuse prevention agency. Our mission is to improve and strengthen the quality of life for families through education and support services. The Good Samaritan Program is a program of The Family Center that give financial assistance for those in need of help with utility bills, rent, etc.

Greenbrier , Tennessee
Computer Basics

My mission is to provide clients with used laptops.

Kingston, Tennessee
Lakeside Family Church And Academy

We partner with parents to inspire and achieve academic excellence, model a Christ-centered life, and to develop servant leaders with a Biblical worldview.

Knoxville, Tennessee
CGs Teen Lounge, Inc.

We provide youth of Knoxville, Tennessee with physical, educational and emotional support while offering a stable, safe and welcoming environment. We work together in partnership to support families and communities to improve the lives of youth who are most disadvantaged or vulnerable. Please help.

Limestone, Tennessee
Mount Bethel Christian Church

We share in Christian fellowship, teach the youth by employing various methods of instruction that communicate with their culture, affirm the youth in their daily lives, and mature with them along our faith journey.

Memphis, Tennessee
Kingdom Citizens Empowerment Center

We aim to establish a work force program for adults to help improve their computer skills and enhance their learning capabilities. We focus on assisting the whole family, helping each to reach their God given potential through meeting the spiritual, mental, physical and financial needs of everyone.

Memphis, Tennessee
Temple Of The Sacred Gift

We empower people in the city of Memphis through teaching how to create resumes and acquire computer skills. We help them acquire their GED and apply for employment. In Memphis, 23% of our citizens have a High School diploma while 10% are unemployed.

Memphis, Tennessee
Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.

To improve the quality of lives of the less fortunate, the most vulberable, the disabled, and the economically disadvantaged through love, care, share, and social services. We target at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth teaching basic and intermiate computer skills coupled with tutoring and mentoring to lead productive lives in Memphis, TN where crime and gang violence are on the rise.

Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Forever Philip Thomas Foundation

Our mission is to provide support, enrichment, and be an encouragement in the lives of deserving individuals that are striving for post-secondary education. We do this by identifying student athletes that exemplify outstanding qualities and providing financial aid and motivation to the aspiring scholars.

Nashville, Tennessee
Holiness Life Church of God

We are seeking computers in order to set up a classroom in which we will offer free computer classes to disadvantaged and low-income individuals. We will train participants, teach them to create resumes, and also offer them job search assistance.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

We offer free electronics recycling, including computers, cell phones, household appliances, electrical items, lamps, vacuum cleaners, radios, televisions, can openers, toasters, toaster ovens, video game cartridges, video game systems, hair dryers, curling irons, phones, stereos, dvd players, vcrs, adapters, ect. If you can plug it in we can recycle it.