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Participating Organizations
from New York

Albany, New York
Rethink Possible Initiative

Our mission is to help turn blighted, sub-standard housing communities into communities were above standard housing is the norm, by working to organize residents to build better communities that they, and generations to come can and will be proud of.

Albany, New York
Centro Civico, Inc.

We are a Latino organization with the ability to generate unique services for all cultures. Our mission is to educate the community and act as a vehicle for self-sufficiency and growth.

Bouckville, New York
Heritage Farm

The mission of Heritage Farm, Inc. is to provide an individualized program for each participant that reflects the founding belief that farming and rural life foster self-worth, independence and a sense of responsibility toward family, friends and community. We hold to the principle that the person comes first, not the disability. I am a member of the Board of Directors and oversee all IT projects at the Farm.

Bronx, New York
Morrisania Community Resource Center

Morrisania Community Educational & Resource Center mission statement is Helping to Stop Hunger in The South Bronx. We are build positive rapport between families and children at risk, by help them get the Skills needed to get productive Jobs that help build family values. We serve the Metro South Bronx area providing Resources to help make a better Community and Living environment.

Bronx, New York
Afterdark Ryders

We provide assistance to the communities of the Bronx helping those in need without regard to their creed, religion, race, color, or any other identifying attributes. We hold community fundraisers to feed the homeless and help other Organizations. We are involved with awareness projects such as cancer, autism, and aids.

Bronx, New York

The New York City Department of Education Public School 168 creates an emotionally literate learning environment where accountability, integrity, respect, commitment and trust form the foundation that cultivates the collaboration between educators, parents and students. Together we earn the trust of our students and provide each with a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes academic rigor, encourages independence, emotional literacy, self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.

Bronx, New York
Urban Neighborhood Educational Technology for You

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing social awareness and knowledge through providing education technology programs and community services. Our programs and classes are aimed at low-income residents and immigrants, helping them realize the benefits of interactive technologies, including computers and the internet, interactive educational games, and digital media. Our aim is to enhance educational an employment outcomes.

Bronx, New York
Afrika Brave Foundation

We organize different cultural activities bringing African communities together. We provide educational support, counseling and recreational activities for men, women and children in New York City.

Brooklyn, New York

B.E.N.Y is a nonprofit organization serving the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville and East New York. Our mission has a threefold purpose. First, to create job opportunities for the residents. Second, to lower the crime rate and third, to empower and redefine the expectations of the youth, young adults and the residents of the the community. Our services include education (SAT, GED, after school tutoring), job training/job readiness, and entrepreneurship.

Brooklyn, New York
JD Day Care LLC

We offer a higher education for the children of our low budget community.

Brooklyn, New York
Academy Of Medical & Public Health Services

We are a volunteer managed humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing health care in underprivileged communities across our nation and around the world. We providing free and low-cost community activities that forge a firm foundation for improved health and well-being.

Brooklyn, New York

We equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist negative media messages that affect self-esteem and body image. The organization is based out of San Francisco and I have launched a NYC Chapter. We visit schools and after school programs (ages 12-18)to conduct mluti-media workshops.

Brooklyn, New York
Lesbian Herstory Education Foundation, Inc.

We are an historical archive dedicated to collecting, preserving and providing access to cultural and research materials about lesbians. We are used by students, researchers, authors, play writes, schools and community organizations. We are all-volunteer run and regularly open to the public.

Brooklyn, New York
White Wave Rising Young Soon Kim Dance Company

WHITE WAVE acts as a potent stimulus for change and expansion of the dance/arts world through the creation of new dance works, the production of dance concerts, and education through dance classes. Our annual Festivals Project promotes and presents emerging and established artists, and our theater provides a venue where they congregate, create, rehearse and present new dance works. WHITE WAVE\'s own dance company is dedicated to creating striking productions, including repertory and new works by Artistic Director Young Soon Kim, reflecting themes and philosophies that are both modern and timeless.

Brooklyn, New York
Chabad Lubavitch Center

Our Mission: Utilize internet technology to unite Jews worldwide, empower them knowledge of of their 3,300 year old tradition and foster within them a deeper connection to Judaisms rituals and faith.

Brooklyn, New York
Ronald Edmonds Middle School 113

We are an inner-city middle school that aims to educate students through the visual and perfoming arts, accelerated courses, and foreign language.

Brooklyn, New York
Center For Anti-Violence Education

We develop and implement comprehensive violence prevention programs for individuals and organizations. Through a combination of education, physical empowerment, and leadership development, we provide under-served communities throughout the New York metropolitan area with skills to break cycles of violence. Our programs focus on women, girls and LGBTQ communities, with a special sensitivity to the needs of survivors.

Brooklyn, New York
Canarise Children First Academy

Working with children is a joy, teaching them the true value of education at this early stage of their lives is one of the main tools they need to succeed in life.

Brooklyn, New York
Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy

I am an art and technology teacher at a private school in New York City. Looking for a computer and other equipment to create lesson plans and large scale student projects. Older equipment is fine as I know how to repair computers and add software.

Brooklyn, New York
We Build Black

To harness the untapped potential of our communities through programming workshops, code lounges, conferences, and career development. Through our effort we aim to increase the number of Black technologists in the industry.

Brooklyn, New York
Divine Compassion Charitable Inc

Divine Compassion Charitable mission is to improve quality of life for the poor, destitute, and hungry people in their communities by meeting their physical ,emotional and spiritual needs.

Buffalo, New York
Community Action Organization

We promote opportunities for low-income families and individuals to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency through advocacy, partnerships and services within the community, which may include, but are not limited to: low to moderate income housing development; neighborhood services; adult education services; youth education, development and delinquency prevention services; senior services; emergency services; business development; health; employment development; and early childhood

Cambria Heights, New York
The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Restoration

A growing church,building families in the ways of the Lord, and empowering them to be self sustained in the society.

Center Moriches, New York
Word Of Life Ministries

To help people find new life in Jesus; To help them grow in the knowledge of His love and devotion. To experience LIFE as it ought to be!

Chester, New York
Chester Historical Society

Promote the rich heritage of the Village and Town of Chester, New York through the restoration and preservation of its historical places, documents and recordings of oral history. Provide educational programs for school children, community organizations and all those individuals interested in local folklore and history. Exhibit collections of artifacts, pictures, newspapers and recorded oral histories to the general public.

Clarence, New York
Katrina's Angels

Katrina's Angels is committed to empowering volunteers and organizations nationwide to work together to support those people affected by federally and state-declared disasters. Our volunteers are provided with tools and structures to aid people affected by federally and state-declared disasters, connecting them to the resources in our growing network.

Cohoes, New York
Good Ground Family Church

We are a non-denominational, Christian church whose purpose is connecting people to God and people to people. We do this through a variety of community outreach programs, including a mid-week meal free of charge and drop in hours.

Elmont, New York
Progressive Minds Tutoring

We provide tutoring services that enable scholars to identify strategies which support learning and enhance academic performance. Our main goal is to inspire scholars to become confident, creative, independent thinkers prepared to meet academic and personal challenges. We service both children in financially thriving as well as disadvantaged homes. We also provide educational advocacy services for families of scholars with learning and or behavioral challenges.

Forest Hills, New York
The Genesis Society

We develop a holistic paradigm that integrates cultures and peoples by promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation through the arts.through interfaith events and study groups, and a shared concern for the environment. Whether through cultural arts, the literature of the wisdom traditions, our relationship with nature, or the discipline of the body, our goal is the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Fresh Meadows, New York
Community Tax Aid of NYC, Inc.

We provide free tax preparation services to low income individuals and families at our eleven locations around the city. In addition, we provide legal assistance to clients regarding tax matters. Services are provided by volunteer attorneys, CPA's and others specially trained to handle the situations common to our clients.

Glenville, New York
Things Of My Very Own, Inc. (tomvo)

Things of My Very Own, Inc. (TOMVO) provides a multitude of supportive services to children that have experienced extensive abuse and/or neglect, that have been displaced, and children in 'at-risk' situations. Some of our services include transitional aide, academic services, life skill development programs, and prevention programs. We are a 100% volunteer run organization that currently provides services to ~1,400 children in New York State.

Greenvale, New York
Chinese Cultural Association of Long Island

We provide education about Chinese language and culture while expanding cultural exchange in our society. Activities include the dissemination of the Chinese culture and the elevation of ethnic Chinese welfare.

Holley, New York
Holley AG/R.I.O.T Teen Ctr

The teen center serves as an oasis of hope for adolescents. Our goal is to offer exciting and educational activities in this rural community, which lacks social programs.

Hollis, New York
Credit & Debts Management Institute, Inc.

We educate community about the financial literacy, access to quality education, good jobs, and safe, affordable housing; Provide individuals and technical know-how through counseling workshops and trainings; People value and learn from each other, help and share experience identifying and pursuing common interests; People learn to accept and embrace the quality of financial literacy through an ideal of personal responsibility and collective action.

Holliswood, New York
Angeldocs, Inc

We are dedicated to a mission of addressing the lack of preventative health care. Guided by the principle that "health is a birthright", AngelDocs seeks to promote healthier lifestyles by providing community education and individual counseling; advocating for increased and improved medical services, and equipping women with the tools to take control of their health and the well-being of their families.

Jamaica, New York
Jaidyns Barn

We attempt to provide free or low cost child care services to families in our community. Contribution support the care of all the children who attend Jaidyns Barn. Our primary aim is to provide care for children with sickle cell disease, however we support all children in need.

Jamaica, New York
Grid Alternatives

We envision a transition to clean, renewable energy where everyone is included. Our mission is to provide training and technology for renewable energy to under-served communities.

Jamaica, New York
Rugged Cross Church

We give aid to the poor, the hungry, the destitute and the addicted. We are a missions-focused church taking the gospel to the youth in our community and surrounding areas, and a testimony of God's love in our city, our nation and around the world. We are willing to pick up from the following areas; NY, PA, NJ, MD.

Lakemont, New York
Freedom Village Academy

We are a residential home & a non-profit church organization that receives no federal or state funding for 100 abused, homeless & troubled teens. We provide everything for our youth, and staff families. We have an education department for K-12 with an 80% graduating success rate. We are in great need of 20 Pentium 4 computers donated to our school. Most of our youth have little or no family support. Our organization is run by the generosity of people & businesses that believe in what we do.

Lockport, New York
S.E.R.V. Niagara

We provide temporary and emergency housing solutions, employment assistance, scholarships, and supportive assistance for veterans dealing with substance abuse and rehabilitation issues.

Manhasset, New York
Tuesdays Children

We are a family service organization with a long term commitment to every individual who was directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001. Tuesday’s Children has developed a unique platform of programs that foster the mental health and well being of families dealing with trauma, grief and physical illness.

Manhattan, New York
African Cultural Center Inc

We provide educational, artistic and technical programs, as well as, opportunities and resources that incorporate the diverse cultures and history of Africa. Africans and the generations of children who are born in The United States, can connect and communication to their rich heritage. In fact, people from all walks of life can come and participate in the traditional activities of Africa.

Middletown, New York
Pets Alive Inc

We are a no-kill animal rescue located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains about 1 1/2 hours from New York City. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.

Mount Vernon, New York
Allen Temple Ame Church

As a small church located in an economically, socially and culturally challenged community, it is our mission to be a support and resourced for the members of our congregation and the members of the South Side Mount Vernon community. We have limited resources, but open doors, which has and will continue to afford us reach out, to those who need and desire it most.

New Rochelle, New York
Salesin Missions, Inc

We are the global development arm of the Salesian Congregation who works in more than 130 countries throughout the world. Our Salesian Missions Office for International Programs is actually dedicated to managing the sourcing, allocation, transfer and reporting of in-kind donations and international development efforts with orphans and vulnerable children without regard to ethnicity, religion, or gender. Salesian works include orphanages, schools, technical training centers, colleges and clinics.

New York, New York
Institute For Psychoanalytic Training And Research

We provide low cost and pro-bono therapy to children and their families in the public schools, as well as adolescents and adults in the New York City area. We offer training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to students from the US, as well as other countries. Individuals from other countries who are requesting political asylum due to torture and persecution and are suffering from PTSD or depression are seen in therapy for free.

New York, New York
Nourishing Kitchen Of New York City

We are a community food program located in East Harlem. Our mission is to alleviate the strong correlation between low-income status and poor nutritional health. We do this by providing healthy hot meals, teaching free nutrition classes, running culinary arts programs for kids and teens, and other programs in our East Harlem community.

New York, New York
Imagenation Cinema Foundation

ImageNation Cinema Foundation, established in 1997 in NYC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit media arts organization, founded with the goal of establishing a chain of art-house cinemas, dedicated to progressive media by and about people of color. Through a variety of public exhibitions and programs, ImageNation fosters media equity, media literacy, solidarity, cross-cultural exchange and highlights the humanity of Pan-African people worldwide.

New York, New York
Global Crisis Interventions

We provide assistance to victims of armed conflicts, natural and man-made disaster, survivors of torture, immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and orphans. We help them to become self resilient and productive members of the society.

New York, New York
Hearts & Minds

We are dedicated to helping people get to the roots of poverty, terrorism, human rights, the environment, addictions and many other important issues facing communities, families, and nations around the world. We do this while providing vocational and social skills training to volunteers of all ages, nations, races, and economic backgrounds.

New York, New York
Developing Artists

Developing Artists provides underserved teens the opportunity to reach their full potential through participation in the performing arts. We nurture ARTivists (Art + Activists) to relentlessly fight for positive social change.

New York, New York
Congress of Racial Equality

Founded in 1942, CORE is the third oldest and one of the "Big Four" civil rights groups in the United States. We seek to establish, in practice, the inalienable right for all people to determine their own destiny. We feel that the most important fundamental freedom for all people is the right to govern themselves. Once this simple ideal is realized, other necessary freedoms will automatically follow.

New York, New York
Gotham New York Personal Computer

Gotham NY Personal Computer (NYPC), the New York Personal Computer Users Group, serves as a networking and educational center for computer users. Through its general meetings, special interest groups, and education program, it assists computer users from beginners to developers, providing activities and networking both for the furtherance of technical skills and for career enhancement.

New York, New York
The Reciprocity Foundation

The Reciprocity Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that enables homeless youth to go to college and secure sustainable employment in creativity sectors such as Fashion, Music, Film, Marketing, PR, Advertising & Design. We provide a range of support services to enable each youth to permanently move out of the shelter system and realize their true potential. In partnership with the corporate sector and educational institutions such as CUNY and F.I.T, many graduates of our program gain full scholarships to college and secure internships in creative companies such as Martha Stewart Living, Calvin Klein and Publicis.

New York, New York
New York AIDS Coalition

The New York AIDS Coalition provides advocacy and education for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The allocation of resources for the aquisition of medical treatment, shelter, social and support services is our mission focus. NYAC has 160Community Based Organization members who serve thousands of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.

New York, New York
Bent On Learning

Bent On Learning provides yoga and meditation classes to underserved New York City public schools where gyms, playgrounds and proper physical education programs are lacking. Our mission is to help urban youth improve health, academic acheivement and attitudes about themselves, their school and their community through the practices and teachings of yoga.

New York, New York
MS 321, Minerva Mirabal Middle School

Middle School 321, The Minerva Mirabal School of Law and Journalism, is a small collaborative learning community committed to our academic and social enrichment for all students. Our philosophy is exemplified in our commitment to producing conscientious, independent, critical thinkers who are socially responsible and academically astute. Our Mission is to foster globally conscious future leaders who are natural problem solvers and value achievement.

New York, New York
Hamilton Madison House

We are dedicated to serving immigrants, children, seniors, disabled and unemployed primarily in Chinatown and the Two Bridges community of Lower Manhattan. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our community and to provide services across the life cycle. We provide childcare, senior services, behavioral health services, and immigrant services. Immigrant services, include ESL, computer classes and more.

New York, New York
The Sherkow Center

The Sherkow Center provides resources for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum, recognizing the need for a psycho-dynamic approach to a neuro-biological disorder. We offer support services to the families and professionals who care for them, including parent groups, mother/baby groups, workshops for professional development, groups for children and teens, the "Spark" program, and in-house training for faculty and clinicians at schools for children with special needs.

New York, New York
Mahou Academy, Inc.

Some goals and objectives include the authentication of the Manden Language of west Africa/America, and the usage of an authentic writing system. We use other sociological activities to strategically better expose our linguistics objectives.

New York, New York
First Workings

First Workings mission is to help underserved and underrepresented NYC high school students acquire social capital. We accomplish this through arranging paid internships in the summer between their junior and senior years. We provide extensive training and support to each young person throughout their internship. Our Internship Partners span the industries of finance, business, medicine, engineering, law, architecture, technology, non-profit, fashion, media, film, and real estate.

New York, New York
Murray Hill Place

Belmont Administration, which is part of Murray Hill Place, Inc., aims to teach women and girls the art, beauty and power of the work of the home. We believe this can transform the life of the family and society as a whole. We offer hands-on classes, workshops, seminars, and community service opportunities for participants in our programs while incorporating lessons in professionalism, integrity, and personal virtue in everyday life.

New York City, New York
Project Rousseau

At Project Rousseau, our mission is to empower youth in communities with the greatest need to reach their full potential and pursue higher education.

Ossining, New York
Hudson Link For Higher Education

We provide college education, life skills and re-entry support to incarcerated men and women so they can make a positive impact on their own lives, their families and communities, resulting in lower rates of recidivism, incarceration and poverty. We aim break the cycle of crime and poverty through our educational programs.

Pleasantville, New York
Richard G Rosenthal JCC

The Rosenthal JCC is a Jewish Community Center where individuals grow, explore and connect to the community around them. We offer recreational, educational, cultural and social services that enhance and enrich Jewish identity including early childhood programs, summer camps, after school activities, sports leagues and cultural programs and social services such as early intervention and referrals or counseling.

Riverhead, New York
Peconic Community Council, Inc.

We are a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the highest level of health and human services for all people in Eastern Suffolk County of Long Island New York. We believe that by working together we can create an environment where everyone has the right to a suitable place to live with access to affordable health and human services. All people, including the most vulnerable, have a voice in decision-making, and each human being is treated in a way that preserves his or her dignity and rights.

Rochester, New York
Disciples For Christ Community Outreach, Inc.

Our mission is to create free programs and opportunities that are revelant to the lives and struggles of individuals that will break the cycle of poverty and oppression. We offer computer training, job placement, literacy and other services for youth, individuals and families,especially those dealing with crisis situations. We focus on rebuilding our communites and transforming lives so individuals can have the opportunity to make better choices in life and improve their present conditions.

Roosevelt, New York
Operation Clothing Drop Inc.

We provide homeless veterans with clothing, food and assist with securing housing. Our mission is to end veteran homelessness.

Roosevelt, New York
Goodness People Incorporated

Goodness People Incorporated is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization created with goodness in mind to improve the lives of many people suffering from different challenges in our communities. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe space through which members of the community can find support with the help of big-hearted people striving to spread goodness everywhere they go.

Saranac Lake, New York
The Adriondack Carousel

The Adirondack Carousel is an innovative attraction fusing art, education and entertainment for children. The Adirondack Carousel is working to build a hand-carved carousel filled with woodland animals native to the Adirondack region. All 23 carousel figures and the hand-carved handicap-accessible chariot are being donated by artisans locally and from across the nation.

Setauket, New York
Project Educate Africa Inc.

To be illiterate is to be cut off from yourself and the world community. It is to live a half-life mired in frustration and unfulfilled human potential. Project Educate Africa will, by way of books and other educational resources, play its part in the transformation and empowerment of the people of Africa.

South Ozone Park, New York
Greater Refuge Church Of Christ

We are a church of purpose and have a purpose for all people, and that is to meet the needs of the community at large, both spiritually and naturally as we begin a Community Outreach Center. The aim of our center is to give the surrounding community access to after school help, tutoring and computer skills enrichment classes.

Staten Island, New York

We empower low-income and immigrant communities and families to become self sufficient, having provided services to more then five hundred families and twenty organizations. We provide technology recycling, educational, vocational, recreational and other empowerment programs to families in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Staten Island, New York
Helping Hands Initiative Incorporated

The Mission of Helping Hands Initiative Incorporated is to help individuals with diabilities become as independent as possible in society by offering referral and advisory services as well as a Live Therapeutic Music Program.

Staten Island, New York
United Church Of Praise International Ministries

We help people in time of emergency and natural disaster. We provide food, clothing, building materials, educational and employment assistance directly to needy individuals and families in our community.

Tonawanda, New York
African Malaika

African Malaika Orphanage provides interim care for HIV positive infants in a safe environment where they receive proper nutrition and medical care as well as love and attention they deserve. NYC NJ OR CA MI UK AU Houston Chicago

Watertown, New York
Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club, Inc.

The Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club, Inc. (JCRAC) was founded in 1978 to promote amateur (ham) radio, foster international fellowship and organize a cadre of citizen volunteers who can give back to the communities in which they live. Members can often be found providing communications support at public events, hosting educational workshops at our facility and demonstrating the wonders of science and technology to area youth.

West Harrison, New York
Saint Anthony of Padua School

St. Anthony of Padua School is dedicated toward educating 3 to 14 year old children in an environment of mutual understanding and tolerance.

Westbury, New York
Eben-ezer Haitian Baptist Church Of Westbury

We are a growing congregation with members displaced from the devastating earthquake in Haiti. We share the gospel online and in the local town of Westbury, NY.

White Plains, New York

CAGeM is committed to the eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM) also known as female circumcision. The mission of the campaign is to ensure that countries practicing FGM adopt a definitive strategy to end FGM and provide protection to women and girls who flee their countries for fear of being mutilated. The campaign focuses on developing and implementing educational programs to eradicate FGM.

White Plains, New York
Holocaust And Human Rights Education Center

Working to enhance the teaching and learning of the lessons of the Holocaust and the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect. We encourage students to speak up and act against all forms of bigotry and prejudice.

Yonkers, New York
Daybreak Independent Services, Inc.

We serve individuals with developmental disabilities, providing training so they may seek employment and live meaningful, productive, and independent life in society.