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Participating Organizations
from New Jersey

Branchburgh, New Jersey
Branch Point Church

Our ministry works with Autistic children allowing parents to attend church while their special needs children are provided care.

Brick, New Jersey
Brick Township Police Explorers

This is an organization for local youths between 14-21 years old. We instruct the youth in many aspects of police work and character building, then apply this knowledge in the field by volunteering at local events and charity fund-raising.

Bridgewater, New Jersey
Anything Is Possible (AIP)

Our goal is to guide parents to government resources, provide after school programs and activities, and to advise parents on various types of therapies available for Autistic children.

East Orange, New Jersey
SpellAfrica Initiative

To improve the poor standard of Education across Africa via mobile learning. We are currently registered as a nonprofit (charitable) trust with the charity commission of New Zealand with registration number CC46274.

Edison, New Jersey
Ben Franklin Elementary School

We started a Parent University to help parents help their children succeed. With everything being done on the computer these days, it makes it difficult for families to help their children without internet access. Grades, Homework,Research, and even Books can be accessed online. We have families in shelters and in need. Most of our students are on free lunch. We would like to help our famlies who do not have lap tops and obtain one for as many as we can. We too would like to help our students!

Englewood, New Jersey
Women`s Rights Information Center

Women`s Rights Information Center is a community-based organization and a place for women in transition to gain career, life and resource-building skills that can change the direction of their futures for the better. Our goal is to promote success for women as independent earners and self sufficient members of the community.

Englewood, New Jersey
Vantage Health System

In operation since 1957 Vantage Health System, Inc.,is a network of private, not-for-profit, community-based services, programs and facilities. Vantage offers a full range of clinical services to individuals with mental health, substance abuse, developmental disabilities or eldercare challenges. Vantage is commited to providing high quality comprehensive healthcare services while empowering individuals and families to achieve wellness.

Hackensack, New Jersey
Easter Seals NJ

Enabling individuals with disabilities or special needs and their families to live, learn,work and play in their communities with equality,dignity and independence.

Hackensack, New Jersey
S.H.A.R.E. Inc.

To Identify and respond to social injusties and to examine their causes, especially in relation to the most vulnerable in society. To stand in solidarity with the marginalized and to touch people's lives in a positive way, which will make a difference in their lives.

Hammonton, New Jersey
Allies In Caring, Inc.

Allies In Caring, Inc. is a start-up multicultural non-profit organization dedicated to helping underserved individuals move toward health, recovery and greater independence through mindfulness training, counseling, education, and community support. We specialize in providing services to immigrant families, Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing youth, and youth diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities. We proudly serve all counties of Southern New Jersey.

Iselin, New Jersey
New Horizons Corporation

We enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged single-parent families and orphaned children in NJ, and through our overseas outreach program, in Laferme-Leblanc, Haiti through free education.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Mission House Of Grace, Inc

We serve our Caribbean community with resources to help advance and provide social, professional and spiritual guidance in every aspect of their lives. We help create a better standard of living and improved quality of life. We partner and maintain ongoing communication with social service agencies in our area.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Hudson Community Enterprises

We offer a transition program for students with mild cognitive impairments that has been serving school districts for over 18 years. The program is a work-based learning program where participating students are assisted in making career decisions, network with potential employers, and develop job skills relevant to future employment.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Basic Boys Development Program

We build academic strength by increasing character and self-sufficiency in adolescent males at risk. Our students partake in an intensive reading program that seeks to increase their reading level, amplify their desire to learn, and eradicate academic fears while providing a platform for male bonding and mentors.

Jersey City, New Jersey
St Paul's Episcopal Church

St Pauls is in the West Bergen section and provides services for our at-risk youth, homeless and parishioners, many who are seniors on low incomes. We provide some daycare and summer school programs for our youth. We feed the homeless and sponsor various arts programs. Our computers are outdated but we'd like to provide a computer literacy program plus use computers for our youth programs

Maplewood, New Jersey
The List Project

The List Project was founded with the belief that the United States Government has a clear and urgent moral obligation to resettle to safety Iraqis who are imperiled due to their work with the US government in Iraq. They rejoiced at the toppling of Saddam and signed up to serve as interpreters for our armed forces. Now these Iraqis are the most hunted and killed class in Iraq.

Mays Landing, New Jersey
One River Networking

Supporting Jamaican Schools and NGO's in accessing the world through a free, permanent web presence.

Medford, New Jersey
Taunton Forge School

My mission is to make my third graders as proficient at using technology as possible. In order to do this, I need to avail myself to as many ways of obtaining the equipment necessary.

Neptune, New Jersey
Neptune Housing Authority Resident Council Inc

We represent the resident of the Township of Neptune Housing Authority (TNHA), other agencies organizations, and the public and to take united action to improve their living environment. The organization recognizes no office or title held in relation to the residents prior to its formation.

New Village, New Jersey
Common Sense for Animals

Common Sense for Animals is dedicated to animal welfare on the premise that it is man's dominion and responsibility to care for the animals and the environment. Education and service are the best ways to help all animals.

Newark, New Jersey
Youth Media Symposium

We engage and empower young people in city of Newark who are determined to call attention to the need for equity and excellence in all Newark public schools. We provide a place where students can discuss conditions that create low achievement and high dropout rates and then develop ideas that address them. Students are introduced to life-changing skill to empower them for their future.

Newark, New Jersey
Help And Reconciliation Ministry & Bible College

Our Mission is to eliminate human suffering caused by poverty or conflict. To further our mission, we run literacy and technology training programs, job training and job preparedness programs and programs targeting orphans and vulnerable children. All our services are offered at no cost and without any regard to race or religion. We have the capacity to pickup equipment in the following states: NJ, NY, CT, MA, PA, DE, MD and VA

Newark, New Jersey
New Jersey Institute For Social Justice

We are an urban research and advocacy organization in New Jersey dedicated to the advancement of residents and the urban areas in which they live. We believe the urban areas of New Jersey hold remarkable economic potential, and we work to identify, analyze and address the underlying causes of social and economic disparity. We challenge the barriers that constrain cities and residents from achieving their full potential.

Newark, New Jersey
Mckinley Elementary School

We provide a caring, safe, and fair environment that fortifies academic, emotional, and behavioral excellence. We guide children towards respecting themselves and others, while embracing the varied cultures of our society. We believe every child possesses talents, abilities and the genius to excel. Our students receive a quality education in preparation for life, college, career, and beyond.

Oakhurst, New Jersey
Deaf Mosaics Center

The Deaf Mosaics Center was established in 2009 to provide effective communication to the deaf community in New Jersey. We are assisting from employment placement, mental health counseling, social events,workshops, client assistance, food pantry, etc.

Oakland, New Jersey
Oakland Cares

We run a non-profit technology training center for job training. We give people cutting-edge skills so that they can get jobs. We typically teach web design, basic computer skills, internet marketing, social media etc and hire about 5 people per month that were previously unemployed.

Passic, New Jersey
Oz Vehadar Levusha Home Study Program

Our mission is to promote the study of modesty as pertains to Jewish law. Our program provides a free structured flexible way to study the laws of modesty via mail correspondence and email options.

Princeton, New Jersey
Central Caribbean Marine Institute

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute mission is to sustain the biodiversity of coral reefs through education research and outreach.

Roselle, New Jersey

Senancharity mission is to provide humanitarian relief to poor and underpriviledged members of society in West Africa. We collect and distribute computers to schools in Africa to expose schools to computers.

South River, New Jersey
New York City Board Of Education

I am a Special Education teacher of Visual Arts serving students who are emotionally disturbed and have learning disabilities. Assistive Technology is an absolute asset in the classroom when visual resources are limited due to budget cuts and funding. However, we have the world at our fingertips with the internet and would be able to introduce visuals to our students that they may never be exposed to. A projector will allow my students this exposure and gain confidence in their artistic ability.

Succasunna, New Jersey
New Jersey Parents Caucus

NJPC is a family and youth-driven grassroots organization whose mission is to ensure that every family who has children with mental health challenges is given an opportunity to play a strong and active role in the conceptualization, development and delivery of effective and timely services in the mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare and special education systems.

Teaneck, New Jersey
Project Goodwill Africa

We help bridge the digital divide and create opportunities for disadvantaged children in Africa by helping them acquire Computer and Information Technology skills. We are aiming to create a more efficient future workforce in Africa by nurturing the youth through various hands-on skills.

Trenton, New Jersey
The Enrichment School

Our mission is to build confidence and a love of learning, giving students a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Warren, New Jersey
New Jersey Planning Officials

The New Jersey Planning Officials is a non profit educational organization whose purpose is to educate zoning board of adjustment and planning board members throughout the state of New Jersey, so as to have better utilization of one of New Jerseys most prized resource, Land.

Washington, New Jersey
Norwescap Career & Life Transitions Center

We strengthening communities by creating opportunities that impact poverty, improving lives of low income families and individuals in Northwest New Jersey. We help foster self-sufficiency in employment, economics, nutrition, health, family development and housing.