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Participating Organizations
from Nebraska

Bennington, Nebraska
Angels On Wheels

Our Mission is to share the love of Christ with the homeless and those who are prone to substance abuse and unhealthy lifestyles. We are a lifeline, connecting the needy to organizations that offer long-term solutions and to churches for discipleship.

Lincoln, Nebraska
El Nuevo Nacimiento (Church of God)

We commit ourselves to prayer, pentecostal worship, world evangelism, church planting, leadership development, care and interdependence. Our primary focus being the great commission bestowed upon us by Jesus Christ himself, to go out and make disciples of the nations.

North Platte, Nebraska
The North Platte Farmers' Market

We at the North Platte Farmers' Market are focused on boosting our local economy by providing a professional environment from which people in our community may sell a wide variety of products, all locally grown, or handmade, to supplement their incomes, generating more money for circulation in our local economy. We believe, and wish to share with others, especially our young people, that community development begins with our ability to work together in harmony, for the benefit of all those involved. We are showing this by getting as many local organizations, especially childrens, involved with us as possible, by reminding everyone of the stone soup story in which each character had one item to add to the soup that started with just a stone in some water, but after everyone contributed to the pot, they had a delicious, sustaining soup to enjoy; a feat accomplished by working together as a community.

Omaha, Nebraska
Peace Corps

The Peace Corps works in such areas as information technology and business development, assisting individuals who want to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities. Our project in Cape Verde assists in the development of rural villages within a national reserve. We provide villagers the skills needed to find jobs, continue their education, and raise themselves and their families out of poverty.