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Participating Organizations
from North Carolina

Casar, North Carolina
Special Needs Animal Sanctuary,Inc.

We are a residential animal sanctuary that provides lifetime care to animals that are handicapped, mentally challenged, and seniors with chronic health issues. We rescue throughout the US and internationally. We believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect no matter how different they are.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Community Church of Chapel Hill

The Community Church of Chapel Hill is a Unitarian Universalist (C3HUU) fellowship of Judeo-Christian origins which seeks inspiration in all faiths. It is a spiritual home of open membership dedicated to the celebration of life and dignity of every person. We are committed to religious education, and service both to each other and the larger community.

Charlotte, North Carolina
International Christian Action For Human Rights

We address the concerns of the poor, refugees, asylum seekers and new immigrants by providing basic human needs, education, advocacy programs and services. We serve as a bridge between western churches connecting them with churches in countries where persecution exists.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Health & Education 4 All International

We work primary in the United States and the Republic of Cameroon to enrich the lives of unprivileged children, youths and women through Education and Healthcare, with a focus toward helping each to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit

Charlotte, North Carolina
Boys To Men Foundation

We believe three elements to becoming a man and a productive citizen are education, family, and community. With education we provide tutoring, field trips and parent workshops. For the family we provide a sense of brotherhood, and teach values lost in society today. Community service events are provided each month for both parent and student. We offer volunteer opportunities for those needing to fulfill credits or those looking to make a difference.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Passion Driven

We are a computer literacy organization providing free computer literacy classes to unemployed adults living in Mecklenburg County. We empower community members by building confidence, gaining computer skills, and providing tools necessary for a competitive advantage in the job market.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Praise Ministries International

Praise Ministries International is a cross-continental ministry whose mission is to evangelize villages and towns, plant churches, and educate laying emphasis on the didactic and holistic ministries.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Alexander Youth Network

Alexander Youth Network provides quality professional treatment to children with serious emotional and behavioral problems. We deliver an effective and efficient array of services, enabling children and their families to exercise self determination, achieve their potential, and find long-lasting positive ways to connect with their community.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Countryside Montessori School

Founded in 1981, Countryside Montessori School is the only independent school in North Carolina offering the complete cycle of Montessori education from Toddler through College Preparatory High School.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Project Hope Generation Inc

We partner with parents and the community to develop the future of our youth through education. The core values of Project Hope Generation is that we believe all children deserve a safe place to learn, we believe it takes a city to raise a child. In addition we believe that all children can succeed in school to college to career. Project Generation Hope Inc. offers a holistic strategy that addresses the needs of the students prior to emancipation and exit of the foster care system.

Durham, North Carolina
Africa Project, Inc.

Africa Project Inc.,is a non-profit organization incorporated in North Carolina, USA, with a mission to promote Self Reliance through Education, Culture and Community Development. We need 3 desktop computers, 3 laptop computers, one printer, and one projector.

Durham, North Carolina
BUMP: The Triangle

We fortify urban youth by helping them gain musical proficiency, cultural literacy and personal resilience through African Diasporic music and mentoring.

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Fayetteville Museum of Art

The mission of the Fayetteville Museum of Art is to collect, conserve, display art, and present a program of art education in order to enhance the appreciation of the visual arts by the people of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and its surrounding area.

Fayetteville, North Carolina
North Ramsey Street Church of God

The Youth Ministries Computer Lab will provide supervised, content-filtered computer access to students for the purposes of: completing homework, completing school or church-related research, receiving tutoring or receiving computer literacy instruction.

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Friends And Allies, Inc

We assist military soldiers, their families, and the communities they live in with issues of domestic violence, and job assistance, food and financial assistance.

Gastonia, North Carolina
Discovery Home Care Inc

We provide temporary emergency shelter and other services to youth ages 6 to 17. Our mission is to provide safe accommodations and comprehensive supplemental supportive services to youth displaced by homelessness and transience. Our values encompass a personal approach that recognizes the strengths and unique attributes of the youth we serve.

Germanton, North Carolina
Pine Hall Presbyterian Church

Our church exists to both to educate and equip disciples from our own ranks and to share a knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ with those in our community.

Greensboro, North Carolina
Positive Connection Care, Inc.

We bring change to the lives of individuals with mental health challenges and/or displaced individuals without employment or residence. We are committed by creating a supportive environment that is culturally diverse. We are committed in providing excellent communication.

Greensboro, North Carolina
Leviticus LLC

I came from a missionary church in Durham to Greensboro and I am continuing to expand my music ministry to raise funds to start a children's music community to unite troubled families with stable and caring families.

Greensboro, North Carolina
Rickys Hope Incorporated

Our mission is to uplift, enrich and restore lives by offering sanctuary, education and counsel that will not only address homelessness created by domestic violence but to also eliminate and prevent its presence in the community in which we all live. By offering adequate training in financial literacy and psychological counsel it is out goal to reduce the rate of recidivism among those who are effected. All that is needed to heal is a chance to refresh and restart lives.

Halifax, North Carolina
Concerned Citizens Of Tillery

We work to promote and improve the social, economic, and educational welfare of the citizens of Tillery and the surrounding community. We envision a sustainable community built on our natural, historic and cultural resources promoting economic independence, a healthy and environmentally sound life, the development of heritage and agricultural tourism.

Hampstead, North Carolina
International Synergy Group

We are committed to bringing technologies and support to local schools, clinics and municipalities. Our focus has been on women and children and providing training to school girls in order to improve their chances of attending University. Teaching the youth job skills that will enable them to generate their own income is an extreme necessity in Afghanistan.

Holly Springs, North Carolina
Holly Springs Art Council

The Holly Springs Art Council was created to promote art in the greater Holly Springs area. Pushing art out into the more rural areas. Giving art education and donations for public school art students.

Jacksonville, North Carolina
Camp Iquolioc

Improving Quality Of Life In Our Community through outdoor experiences.

Jacksonville, North Carolina
Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope prides itself on finding loving, experienced adoptive homes for unwanted, abused, neglected and abandoned exotics that need to be rehomed.... from birds to small critters. We believe that all animals deserve the highest quality care, love and respect, and that owners should have access to the most current bird information possible. Exotics are accepted at WOH, and in turn are adopted out to qualified applicants.

Knightdale, North Carolina
Young Adult Empowerment Services

To give knowledge, courage and confidence to at risk young adults through high quality educational classes and workshops relating to web design and development, entrepreneurship, office technology, lawn care and life learned skills. Our focus is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote them to achieve their highest potential for success.

Lenoir, North Carolina
William Lenoir Middle School

To improve the education of our students by integrating technology into the core curriculum.

Marion, North Carolina
New Manna Christian School

Our mission is to partner with New Manna Baptist Church in assisting parents as they fulfill the biblical command to "train up a child" by providing academic excellence and spiritual guidance that will prepare each student to be fruitful Christians and productive citizens in the twenty-first century. This will be accomplished by emphasizing the following core values: obedience, wisdom, service, morality, honesty, and balance.

Oxford, North Carolina
Women Involved In Community Action

Seeking Unity & Care in the Community Through Education

Paw Creek, North Carolina
Health And Education 4 All International

We believe that education is the key to empowering Cameroonian youth to respect themselves, support themselves, and lead Cameroon to social independence and economic security. We strive to help marginalized and deprived children in rural Cameroon receive the education they deserve. We have associates in several metropolitan areas across the USA, and presently have an associate nearby who is ready, willing and able to pick-up your specific equipment.

Pineville, North Carolina
Corban Christian Academy

Corban Christian Academy provides intensive education for grades 7-12 with a disciplined structure in religious character building. We offer a diverse program of activities including arts and athletics to enrich the lives of our students.

Sanford, North Carolina
Cameron Kelly

To do my best for the world.