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Participating Organizations
from Missouri

Alton, Missouri
Greener Pastures Ministry

We are a young ministry with a great vision, while we believe people must know Gods truth through pastoring we also believe it is our job to help the less fortunate, our goal is to form a troubled youth ranch, (we have 20 acres donated to the ministry) to help set young people who come here on the right path, we also have a food bank available, and we have applied for grants to assist with the daily bills people often struggle with. As a ministry we also strive and survive on donations. Thanks

Columbia, Missouri
Faith In Home Cleaning Services

I am starting my own cleaning business and am asking for donations. I have a vision and dream to offer excellent service but need your help in anyway you can provide. I desire to uphold every contract to the highest degree of excellence and keep our vision strong.

Hazelwood, Missouri
United Pentecostal Church

We are on-site in the Dominican Republic, helping the people of the Dominican Republic and Haiti by building churches, doing youth work, medical clinics and seminary training. We have been involved with this work since 1991. Our needs include computer equipment, building materials, and tools. We can pick up your gifts in Florida (Miami, Tampa, Orlando), Indiana (Indianapolis), Washington DC, North Carolina (Charlotte), New York (New York City) and Missouri (St. Louis).

Jefferson City, Missouri
Trinity Lutheran Church

The purpose of this congregation is to serve its members and to spread the kingdom of God by preaching of word of God, by administering of sacraments, by religious instruction of youth and adults according to confessional standard of Lutheran church, and to foster Christian fellowship and charity.

Kansas City, Missouri
Early Childhood Plus - Informational Website

We provide a resource for teachers, parents And child care centers in the Kansas city Metro area. We create community partnerships that promote family literacy, nutrition, physical education, and the creative arts, providing workshops, training sessions, projects and campaigns.

Kansas City, Missouri
Sarita-Lynne Ministries

To provide a faith-based living environment to men and women, who desire to become free from their addictions. We promise to love them until they can learn to love themselves.

Marshall, Missouri
Powerhouse Community Development Corp

To prepare and equip individuals for economic and life challenging situations as it relates to their personal growth and development.

Saint Louis, Missouri
Meds & Food for Kids

We are saving lives of children with severe malnutrition in Haiti through providing a calorie dense, nutritionally complete Ready To Use Therapeutic Food, fed at home, not requiring refrigeration or cooking.

St. Joseph, Missouri
Midland Ministries

To further the Kingdom of God with all age groups, to aid and minister to local churches. We need computers for our internet cafe where teens get online for homework and learning.

St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Youthbuild

We inspire and guide young people into becoming successful leaders in their own lives, their families, the program and community. We achieve this by helping young men and women to improve their education, earn a GED, learn leadership skills, and marketable job skills, obtain and retain decent-paying employment and advanced education.

St. Louis, Missouri
STC (Science, Technology and Culture)

Enhance the personal, social and intellectual development of each individual using science, technology and global awarness. Provide an educational journey of cultural exploration and self discovery, which is oriented toward empowering learners and communities.