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Participating Organizations
from Minnesota

Annandale, Minnesota
You Can Run International

To further reach out to the community, by doing youth and general outreaches. Teaching how to overcome drugs, violence, and lifeís obstacles. America's still worth fighting for, just ask the youth.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Supersonic Technology Solutions

Our goal is to provide Computer education to our community duelers through a well establish computer lab. This initiative will support and enhance computer training, research and development for everyone that will wish to take advantage of the program. This is our way of help our community to come back from the devastation caused by COVID-19 Pandemic to renew their strength and skills needed to be prepare for some economic participation.

Cambridge, Minnesota
Family Pathways

We work with people to meet their basic needs, strengthen their families, and develop caring relationships and support in their communities.

Chatfield, Minnesota
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

We are a small parish that believes in outreach. One of our outreach projects is to get computers into the hands of seniors who live in subsidized housing or are of low income and can not afford a computer. We put together computer systems from donations, set them up for the residents and offer training on how to use them.

Duluth, Minnesota
Lucid Dream Foundation

We provide individuals in need with musical opportunities through finnancial scholarships and assistance.

Edina, Minnesota
Outreach Asia

Outreach Asia was founded in 2000. Our mission is to improve the lives of the least fortunate in developing countries in Southeast Asia.

Mankato, Minnesota
Mankato Rehab Center Inc. - PCs for Peopl

PCs for People’s mission is to provide computers and education to families and individuals that would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience technology.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
African Health Action Corp

Our mission is to provide gender, age, cultural appropriate preventive health education, counseling and services focusing on HIV/AIDS, STD, viral hepatitis, Diabetes, and cardio vascular diseases to the immigrants and refugees population in Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We believe every person has a home and is interconnected in within the community. We create and sustain quality, affordable homes that stregthen lives and communities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hands On Kenya (hok)

We serve the most vulnerable populations in rural Kenya. We have adopted schools in remote and disconnected parts of Kenya, where up to 47% live in absolute poverty. We equip and open libraries, support educational programs, and assist youth with disabilities to become functional members of their society by teaching them to use their untapped abilities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Katahdin, Inc.

To serve youth and families by providing quality education, counseling and promoting positive lifestyles desirable to themselves and their community.

New Brighton, Minnesota
Operation Catch Them Young

We provide resources and materials to schools and individuals that support and encourage education for children throughout Africa. We equip schools with building supplies, furniture, science equipment, computers, and access to clean drinking water. We provide students with resources to help them gain access to higher education.

St. Paul, Minnesota
Global Language Institute

We are dedicated to providing quality English as a Second Language instruction to students of the world. The organization aims to maintain the highest educational standards of instruction and student services. We also strive to promote multicultural communication and global understanding.

St. Paul, Minnesota
Gospel Temple Enrichment Academy

Our Mission: Is to improve the competence, confidence and comprehension of literacy, math, study skills and digital technology to k-11grade students using multicultural/afrocentric curriculum and spiritual affirmation.

St. Paul , Minnesota
Care 2 Communities

To create a model for sustainable, community-based healthcare in Haiti that transforms the status quo, meets the needs of poor and low-income people, and empowers families to lead healthier lives.

Willmar, Minnesota
E-quip Africa

We collect used computers and other school equipment and supplies and place them in schools in Ghana. We refurbish computers through the Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program.