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Participating Organizations
from Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Anchors Unlimited Science Fun, Inc.

We promote math and science through education and enrichment free of charge in Washtenaw Country Michigan. Services are intended for youth 18 months through 8th grade online, at events and periodic seasonal programs. We feature hands-on life science activities.

Berrien Springs, Michigan
First Haitian American SDA Group

We work in partnership with families, organizations, governments, communities and others in order to provide access to quality education, recreational activities and integrated health services. We promote a safe environment for children, build capacity of care-givers, facilitate and promote the participation of children.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Wish Upon A Teen

We help teenagers who have developmental or medical conditions. Through creative and interactive social and educational events, these teens will rediscover and rebuild their self-esteem as they continue their journey to adulthood.

Boyne City, Michigan
Trinity Fellowship Community Food Pantry

To Provide Food free of charge to anyone who is hungry to anyone who ask. To give encourgement to anyone who is in need To assist in providing resources for anyone who seeks.

Canton, Michigan
NCR Canton Place

The mission of National Church Residences is to provide quality housing and care at affordable prices in communities of caring persons. Our ministry is national in scope and originates from a Christian commitment of service to older adults, which began in 1961.

Canton, Michigan
Moosers Kane-9 Rescue Foundation

Our mission is to save all dogs from kill shelters. We provide food and safe shelter along with medical care and love. We accept all dogs, yet focus on those most likely not to be saved.

Clarkston, Michigan
Lend A Helping Hand, Inc.

We financially assist those faced with a catastrophic illness by paying for uninsured medical treatment. We sponsor fund-raising events with support from family and loved ones of the beneficiary.

Coloma, Michigan
Coloma Jr. High Art Department

I teach art and stop motion animation at Coloma Junior High in Michigan.

Detroit, Michigan
G.E.A.R. Incorporated

We are service homeless and runaway youth providing shelter to young woman and children. We provide programs to assist with youth mentoring, job training, job placement, life skills and attaining a GED. We sponsor community events and services for youth.

Detroit, Michigan
The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust

We assist in lifting our voices against illiteracy and putting an end to poverty, domestic violence, hunger, child abuse, racism and homelessness in southeastern Michigan and America.

Detroit, Michigan
Computer Charities, Inc.

Computer charities recycles new and used computers to kids between five and eighteen years of age. we currently service the tri-county areas of wayne, oakland, and macomb Michigan.

Detroit, Michigan
The Federal Recycler

Responsible eWaste Management with a focus on community building.

Detroit, Michigan
The Caring Source

The Caring Source is all about access. We do our best to make sure that our community has easy access to the most important human needs whether that means helping seniors find healthcare services, providing low-to moderate-income families access to affordable housing or, in the case of Read Away! Write Away!, giving children access to the technology and training they need in order to achieve academic success.

Detroit, Michigan
Nsoroma Institute Public School Academy

Nsoroma Institute Public School Academy is an Afrikan-Centered learning community guided by a philosophy which seeks to develop within our children and adults insight into their individual gifts, talents and missions, and connect us with the rich and diverse historical and cultural legacies of Afrikan peoples.

Detroit, Michigan
Motor City Foundation

Established March 2010, Motor City Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the development of young adults from the inner-city and surrounding communities with financial, emotional or domestic hardship by providing free after school programs.

Flint, Michigan
United Aeronautics And Spaceflight Org, Inc.

UASO, Inc. strives to motivate, inspirate, and educate todays youth to pursue gainful careers in fields including but not limited to math, science, aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, and engineering by providing hands-on and online training, research, and development projects that will give our participants, of all ages, real-world applicable knowledge and experience using non-traditional learning methods.

Fowlerville, Michigan
Take My Paw Rescue

Committed to contributing to the welfare of companion animals through permanent placement and community education on sterilization, animal cruelty and neglect.

Harbor Springs, Michigan
Fov Ministries

We go to any part of the world and offer our labor, expertise and available funds to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through our giving. We also are aware that to merely tell someone that we care is not enough. We show our care with tangible gifts, whether our words of faith are received or not. We believe in supporting those who we are sent to and are ready to help in any way we can.

Lansing, Michigan

We help the community by keeping men active and off the street. We provide training and education for men, teaching them how to use the skills they have, and leverage modern day technology and other resources available.

Lansing, Michigan
NorthWest Initiative

Through community engagement and mobilization, NorthWest Initaitive advances the development of healthy, vibrant communities by building capacity to identify needs and formulate strategies to create change.

Manchester, Michigan
Sasha Farm Animal Sanctuary

We provide a safe and secure environment, lifetime care and medical treatment for unwanted, neglected, misused, and abused farmed and domestic animals, as well as fostering through education a better understanding of these animals.

Marquette, Michigan
Teaching Family Homes Of Upper Michigan

We are a child and family organization caring for troubled children and families. We began in 1981 as a single residential group home serving just six children. Now have 5 group homes serving 40 children, as well as several programs that support families in their own homes. Our goal is to help children in need, whether it be for mental health reasons, or for physical/mental abuse. Every child deserves a childhood, and we strive to help them.

Monroe, Michigan
Donni's Door, Inc

We bridge the gap for people to become educated about home ownership through offering the necessary skills, counseling and resources.

Northville, Michigan
Healthcare Assist Institute

The Healthcare Assist Institute is dedicated to promoting wellness and improving quality of life through education, scholarship, and service to the state, region and global community.

Onondaga, Michigan
Highfields, Inc.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for children, youth and families and other individuals and to help strengthen their relationships with others and to make them more responsible for their own lives.

Plymouth, Michigan

It is my goal to create a successful differentiated instruction environment, where I can meet the needs of a diverse group of learners, who will be well prepared for future learning. I believe that access to computers provides an invaluable tool for students & teachers, allowing for individuation, providing multiple pathways for learning, & hands-on experience. As a teacher, I will have the means to meet the varying needs & challenges of every student in my classroom & ensure that all succeed.

Roscommon, Michigan
Personal Ponies Limited

We believe in Magic! That's right. At Personal Ponies, we believe in magic - the magic that happens between a small pony and a child with disabilities. Creating magic in children's lives IS our mission. It's our only mission.

Saginaw, Michigan
Safe Haven House

Safe Haven is dedicated to provided emergency homeless shelter for women and children. To provide a safe and stable environment to assist them in their plans to better themselves.

Scottville, Michigan
Scottville Area Senior Center

We provide assistance to seniors and others in the community. We exist to help people in anyway we can, including daily lunches, computer use, and internet use. Also, we offer space for numerous groups and projects

Southfield, Michigan
Southfield Christian School

Our ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church Church is a college-preparatory community committed to pursuing excellence for the glory of God. We believe in adherence to an absolute standard, which we find revealed in the Bible, and are committed to truth and the development of Christian character.

Southfield, Michigan
Bravo Foundation

Our goal is to empower every young woman entering our program with all graduates finding either employment, developing a trade, and/or acceptance into a college or university. We challenge underprivileged young women between the ages of 11-22 to experience new opportunities, form new ideas, and accomplish set goals. Our program provides opportunities to become confident and successful while breaking the cycle of poverty.

Southgate, Michigan
Coach Johnson Foundation

We assist youth in athletics and the arts because we believe a child should not have to "pay to play".

Troy, Michigan

Kensington Community Church seeks to live and show our faith locally and globally. Partnering with locals globally, CEM USA is building hospitals and schools in India and Kenya, where recycled equipment will be used.

Troy, Michigan
Troy Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4037

The VFW Post 4037 of Troy Michigan mission statement is to have support programs to increase awareness of the sacrifies of Americans veterans; promote citizenship, education, volunteerism, and positive youth programs; and facilitate medical, rehabilitative, educational, and employment services and needs for veterans and their families.

Waterford, Michigan
Williams Lake Church of the Nazarene

We exist to bring the message of salvation and sanctification to the Waterford community. We are a part of the larger denomination the Church of the Nazarene.

Waterford, Michigan
Durant High School

Our mission is to promote a strong academic culture with a focus on building academic skills as students develop their personal educational growth. Our academic setting offers in-depth teacher-student connections and is promoted by differentiated instructional practices. We are committed to inspire, educate and empower our students for their futures.

Ypsilanti, Michigan
Fathers For Equal Rights

Promoting charitable and educational program for two parent involvement with their children following separation or divorce.