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Participating Organizations
from Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland
National Remember Our Troops Campaign

We are dedicated to remembering all military service members, all veterans, and their families, remembering their service and sacrifice, supporting those in need to the best of our ability, and letting them know they are not forgotten.

Baltimore, Maryland
Truth Organization for Youth

We provide at-risk youths with counseling and mentoring, food and clothing, vocational and skill development. We reach out to youths with risky social and sexual behavior, ethnic minorities, youth from low income or broken homes, parents who are incarcerated, involved with addictions or homeless. Our service is without discrimination by color, race, gender, ethnicity, creed or socio-economic status.

Baltimore, Maryland
The Natural Path To Wellness Foundation, Inc

We promote the well-being of people in the US and abroad by providing vital support and charitable service catered to their needs. Specifically, we are working towards opening a library and computer center in Ghana, West Africa. The five schools in the Ekumfi Essuehyia area include 634 students. We can directly pick up in nearby states PA, WV, VA, DE, and have representatives in NC, NY, MI, IO, OH, and GA.

Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore Educational Enrichment

Our mission is to bridge the achievement gap in education at all levels. We would like to equip every learner with the skills necessary to succeed.

Baltimore, Maryland
World Trade Center Institute

We help drive the growth of Maryland's flourishing international business community through the World Trade Center global connections. These computers will be use for our Internship Program.

Baltimore, Maryland
A.C.T.I.O.N. Cooperative for Human Development

A.C.T.I.O.N. is a Pre-leadership Program that introduces people to the concept that "Social injustice and unjust social structures exist only because individuals and groups of individuals deliberately maintain and tolerate them," and is a vehicle for them to make a difference and make a change. It provides individuals the opportunity to work together to learn how to think, plan and rise above their personal problems and circumstances for the good of the collective. A.C.T.I.O.N.'S places special emphasis on it's the Youth & Young Adult Pre-Leadership Program that provide an opportunity and an environment for youth (ages 14–18) and young adults (ages 17-28) to begin to learn and understand the importance of order, organization and leadership (service) and to begin to understand the impact that they have on an organization, community or family.

Baltimore, Maryland
Chesapeake Center For younth Development

To help troubled and disadvantaged young people in the Greater Baltimore region overcome barriers to living wholesome, productive lives by providing high quality and comprehensive services through programs in education and partnerships with other organizations.

Baltimore, Maryland
Belair-Edison Healthy Community Coalition

It is our mission to develop innovative strategies through community planning, program development, advocacy, and public education, that will encourage and support effective, cohesive partnerships, and advance a neighborhood renaissance to mobilize the existing expertise and services in and around the Belair-Edison community.

Bowie, Maryland
Protect The Childrens Future

We are dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children ages 4 to 13 in rural areas of Haiti. We assist through provided full scholarships to attend primary or secondary school. Children are AIDS orphans or have unemployed parents who cannot afford the cost of education, which is not free in Haiti. We plan to broaden our scope offering vocational training to adolescents who are forced by circumstances to drop out of school.

Bowie, Maryland
Tanyimor Foundation Inc

We provide medical, educational and social services to the handicapped, homeless and the marginalized population in the United States and Africa. We engage in community and rural development programs such as offering counseling and therapy to facilitate integration of African immigrants into American society. We assist with equipping schools, health centers and hospitals with needed equipment.

Capitol Heights , Maryland
Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc.

We empower disadvantaged youth and families through offering comprehensive life skills training, career development, and other programs. Program participants acquire necessary skills needed to be successful in the workplace despite barriers. Additionally, we offer CPR training and certification, and provide education to individuals and organizations about epilepsy.

Clinton, Maryland
Up To Par Educational Solutions, Inc.

We serve in a collaborative manner with other stakeholders to provide academic supplementation and enrichment, mentoring, establish smooth and positive transitions, create and nurture relationships, and support family preservation.

Clinton, Maryland
Keys Development/ugirl

Our mission is to make sure that we provide the necessary mental health resources for our students. We provide aftercare/therapy/emotional and material support to our students that are in need. Our goal is to assist and make sure that they grow into emotionally and mentally healthy adults.

Columbia, Maryland
Harvest Time International Outreach Center

We are Harvest Time International Outreach Center and we would like to formally introduce ourselves, what we do, and who we support. It is our hope that we could be partners with you in the community to serve our fellow neighbors. It takes everyone in the community working together to see positive changes and differences in the lives of those around us. Harvest Time exists to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless. We exists to give individuals a new hope, a new focus, and a new course of direction

Deale, Maryland
Healing Minds Wellness Center

The Empowerment Collective’s mission is to bring awareness to the needs of families impacted with autism-related disorders. We will develop partnerships necessary to improve the quality of life for families, improve safety, and long-term outcomes for children with autism-related disorders. We will partner with families to improve educational outcomes and self-advocacy by increasing the knowledge of educational rights, providing referral services, and assisting with state and federal entitlement.

Gambrills, Maryland
It Takes Two, Inc

We enrich the lives of young people while increasing opportunities for youths in the greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Our mission is to enhance the educational experiences for young people from single parent households by awarding scholarships that provide school supplies, books, and uniforms. It is our goal to promote the significance of education through like skills workshops, tutoring, and mentoring.

Hyattsville, Maryland
First United Methodist Church

We share the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in this multicultural community. Our vision is a love takeover that celebrates and demonstrates God`s gift of diversity, transforms and nurtures the children of God through Christian disciplines, and builds a multicultural community of healing and hospitality by reaching out to all.

Lanham, Maryland
Precious Angelic Light, Inc.

We work to assist underserved, underprivileged and underrepresented girls between the ages of 5 to 19 and their families by providing a structured mentoring program to equip girls to grow to their full capacity. We encourage young girls to build their self esteem, to increase student achievement and attendance and to effectively understand and quickly apply skills for everyday life.

Laurel, Maryland
Voices That Care - The Bridge To Global Equality

Voices That Care -The Bridge to Global Equality is a 501c3 organization dedicated to advancing the health and education of disadvantaged women and children thus enabling them to become economically self-sufficient to transform their lives and the futures of their communities. We firmly believe that by having a healthy and educated individual, we can eventually break the cycle of poverty in a home and eventually within the community.

Laytonsville, Maryland
All Breed Rescue and Referral, Inc.

All Breed is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit public education and animal rescue organization. All donated funds go to pay vet bills, medicines, supplies, food and kennel costs. All Breed is dedicated to end animal abuse, save as many pets as possible from cruelty and abandonment, and educate the public regarding spay and neuter to reduce the population of unwanted and homeless animals.

Lusby, Maryland
La Plata Church Of Christ

For use for Kids in church classrooms.

McHenry, Maryland
Adventure Sports Center International

We promote environmental stewardship while introducing and creating easy access to adventure sports and outdoor recreational activities in Garrett County, Maryland through various guided and non-guided programs. We assist disabled persons and those who might otherwise hesitate rafting down a wild river, mountain biking a remote trail, or even running down a trail by providing trips, clinics and activities that promote the environmental value of adventure sports. We strive to keep outdoor adventure a part of everyday lives in supporting healthy lifestyle.

Montgomery Village, Maryland
Gentoo Studio

I run, a Gentoo Linux variant for musicians seeking a freege alternative to Windows, Mac or other Linux distributions. I run the site at my own expense. Sometimes I'm in need of computers and computer hardware to perform testing on Gentoo Studio, and being of limited means, I'm always looking for creative ways to obtain such hardware. Any hardware obtained will not be used for any other purpose. Donors can have a link on the site if they want one.

North East, Maryland
Kids Defense Team Inc

We are a grassroots, community-based organization with nationwide outreach. Our sole purpose is to improve the lives of homeless children and teens. We also help children and teens nationwide that live in a low income family household.

Randallstown, Maryland
Thirst No More Corporation

We aid the poor, comfort the needy and empower the destitute through the unification of individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations through raising awareness, generating funding and spearheading hands on efforts. We focus on youth education and supply resources to ensure that children should thirst no more for knowledge.

Rockville, Maryland
Montgomery County Child Welfare Services

I am writing on behalf of my 16 year old client. He is currently residing in a group home because his family is not able to care for him. He is resilient and is doing well with school and making plans to put himself through college to become a computer programmer. I would like to help him locate a laptop so that he will have the necessary tools to become a successful, empowered young man. He has limited funds so if a cash contribution could be waived it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Rockville, Maryland
Beethoven Found

Beethoven Found is a 501c3 non-profit corporation located in Rockville, Maryland whose mission is to provide music instruments to deserving students and to perform concerts with major symphonies that entertain, educate, and electrify the public! \

Rockville, Maryland
Project Reboot / Capital PCUG

Project Reboot is an all volunteer group that refurbishes computers ONLY for the poor and handicapped.

Salisbury, Maryland
Faith Baptist School

We are a quality education alternative for those conservative, blue collar, Christian families who wish to place their children in a private, Christian environment.

Salisbury, Maryland
Fenix Youth Project Inc.

The mission of Fenix Youth Project Inc. is to encourage community service and positive activities within the youth community, engaging them with creative arts. Whether dance, music, poetry, or photography, these creative tools serve as methods to impact social change. We focus diverting youth from destructive choices and provide alternative ways to have fun, serve their community and express themselves.

Silver Spring, Maryland
Hepatitis Foundation International

We promote liver wellness, healthy lifestyles and help reduce the incidence of preventable diseases including: obesity, diabetes, fatty liver hepatitis, HIV, substance abuse, strokes and heart attacks. The HFI was founded after a personal tragedy in which the CEO and founder, Thelma King Thiel lost her son Dean at age 4 to rare form of liver disease. Since its inception the HFI has reached over 500,000 young people, adults, and medical professionals.

Silver Spring, Maryland
Mhina Tumaini Foundation

To improve the health and increase the access to educational opportunities of at-risk young adults through the provision of health and educational services.

Waldorf, Maryland
Claudia Rose Asthma Foundation

The Claudia Rose Asthma Foundation was formed after the death of 10 year old Claudia Bogan to a severe asthma attack May 16, 2009. The CRAF was formed to promote asthma and allergy awareness locally and to support the AAFA to find a cure for asthma by donating the majority of their proceeds.

Walkersville, Maryland
Preserve Unity Render Empowerment, Inc.

Our mission is to enrich, rebuild and to change lives in the inner city community for economically disadvantaged children through empowerment by education, leadership, and community service.

Washington, DC, Maryland
I Am, We Are

I Am, We Are was named after the South African philosophy of Bothu (Ubuntu), I am because we are. We work with youth in South Africa and in Prince George County to empower them and give them the tools they need to become confident leaders. We try to create a support network for them and teach them life skills. We help them create the future they envision for themselves. We do this through various programs and camps.

Westminster, Maryland
Hope for Haiti

We focus on sustainable grassroots projects that provide long-term results to current problems in Haiti. We work directly with the communities we serve in order to make them active and accountable for community progress.