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Participating Organizations
from Massachusetts

Allston, Massachusetts
Females' Center of Excellence and Leadership

The Females' Center of Excellence and Leadership, Incorporated (also known as Xcel, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that promotes the personal, academic and professional development of female college students across the United States. Xcel, Inc. aims to enhance the potential of female college students, not only to graduate, but also to assist them in building their community. Xcel, Inc. provides mentoring, leadership, community service, networking, and scholarship opportunities to its members. These opportunities assist them in meeting their personal, academic and professional objectives while becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Ayer, Massachusetts
United Native American Cultural Center

The Center's mission is to be a positive place for peoples of all cultures to gather, share and educate one another. Essential to this endeavor is a program of cultural enrichment, education and whole life strategies for Native American people; a place to learn and teach our crafts, artwork, voices and traditional ways. We welcome the entire community to share in the various programs and cultural experiences which we offer.

Beverly, Massachusetts
Futures Clinic, Inc

We provide quality and individualized treatment to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as well as other related disorders. By collaborating with the family, and working together as a team, we can build a better future for the child and family. We are dedicated to helping children reach their fullest potential and enabling them to live productive lives.

Boston, Massachusetts
The Foundation Builders Innerprise LLC

We help youth and young adults attain a great education, become highly competitive professionals, and productive citizens. Our aim is to boost college enrollment and increase rates of graduation from high school and college. We help develop productive members of society by establishing a foundation of planned professional development and entrepreneurship for the next generation.

Boston, Massachusetts
Project Muso Landumunen

Project Muso empowers the women of Yirimadjo, Mali to fight crises of disease and poverty through non-formal education, microfinance, community organizing and community-based health services. These programs complement and reinforce each other, creating a new virtuous cycle of community mobilization, education, enterprise, and access to health resources. Pick up items in the Boston, New York, or San Francisco areas.

Boston, Massachusetts
Tenacity, Inc

To improve the scholastic, character and physical development of urban youth by combining tennis instruction and academic support with a focus on life skills.

Boston, Massachusetts

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Boston, Massachusetts
Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence

We serve to prevent violence in Asian families and communities, and provide hope to survivors. We offer culturally specific and multilingual essential services to survivors of domestic violence including legal advocacy, case management, language access programs, and community outreach and education.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Theater Offensive

The Theater Offensive’s mission is to form and present the diverse realities of LGBT lives in art so bold it breaks through personal isolation and political orthodoxy to help build an honest, progressive community.

Concord, Massachusetts
Trinity Episcopal Church

We are a vibrant and active Christian community in historic Concord, Massachusetts. We offer opportunities for worship, spiritual growth and service through many ministries, including support for the inner-city in Boston.

Dorchester, Massachusetts
Leap Self-Defense (dba Girls' Leap)

We empower girls and young women to value and champion their own safety and well-being. Girls’ LEAP is an after-school program that partners with community based organizations and schools to deliver self-defense programs, at no-cost, for girls, aged 8-18 in Greater Boston.

Dorchester , Massachusetts
Institute of Behavioral and Attitude Change (IBAC)

To ensure positive and behavioral and attitudinal change to the marginalized and disenfranchised. To provide life skills and leadership training to groups at risk of becoming part of the criminal justice system. To provide the cognitive, psychological and spiritual tools necessary for the successful community reintegration of ex-offenders.

East Boston, Massachusetts

TecsChange is an all volunteer nonprofit organization in the Greater Boston Area. We provide computer equipment, training and technical support to grassroots groups here and abroad. In the past we offered computer courses to organizers and volunteer activists for local organizations, we hope to revive these soon. We also we help connect organizations with equipment donation offers directly.

Hull, Massachusetts
World Computer Exchange, Inc.

World Computer Exchange is a global education and environment nonprofit that provides refurbished computers to schools in developing countries. Our goal is to effect lasting change in individual lives and in grassroots organizations and communities in the world’s poorest regions. Our volunteer chapters in cities in the US and Canada collect donated computers, refurbish them and load open source operating systems and educational content targeted to the receiving organizations.

Hyannis, Massachusetts
Homeless not Hopeless, Inc.

We are a small 501(c)(3) organization in Hyannis, MA. that was started by formerly homeless individuals to assist those suffering in the homeless condition. At present we have 2 transitional housing programs and 1 permanent housing model. We are in need of computer equipment for all 3 houses so that our residents can A.)do internet related housing, job and benefit searches and applications. B.) Create resumes and letters of interest to assist in job search C.) receive training on computers for those who are computer illiterate to become more competitive in todays job market.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Nehemiah Project For Hope Inc.

We create community awareness about conditions in Haiti, with a primary goal to alleviate suffering, poverty, and confusion among Haitian citizens. We help build secure, productive, and educated communities, tailored for individuals of all ages, but with a focus on women, children and the physically disabled.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Little Voices Early Care and Education

We provide early learning and childcare to families with children ages 0-6 years old with an after school program for children through fifth grade.

Ipswich, Massachusetts
Partners In Development

We help impoverished communities attain independence and whole life improvement. We are currently focused on serving some of the poorest areas of the Caribbean, Central America, and the United States. Because whole-life change is essential in order for the extreme poor to escape poverty, we’ve strategically designed sets of programs to meet the specific needs of the populations we serve.

Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
Oak Tree Academy

Oak Tree Academy provides students with learning disabilities with a caring and nurturing environment where they may grow emotionally to reach their full potential and where they will be given the tools needed to succeed educationally.

Mattapan, Massachusetts
Reaching Hands, Inc.

Our Mission is to link community members with the services needed to maintain a better a better quality of life.

Medway, Massachusetts
Ben Speaks Louder Than Words

We provide information, resources and service to the Metro West and Greater Boston community to help end bullying, depression, substance abuse, and teen suicide. We empower youth and families to be the change they want to be and see in their lives.

New Bedford, Massachusetts
The Rock 4 X Mas Foundation, Inc.

For the past 14 years we have been feeding and bringing gifts to less fortunate families during the holiday season through donations, ticket sales at our concerts, raffles, sale of cds & dvds and other merchandise.

Newton, Massachusetts
Newton Child Care Commission And Fund

We ensure quality, affordable childcare for the Newton community through support services, advocacy and public education. We address the most pressing child care needs of our community, serving as a model for how other local communities can effectively address the need for more quality, affordable child care for all residents.

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Nourish The Sheep Corporation

We work on building and modernizing assistance programs. We're here to pick up projects that other organizations may not have the time, staff or expertise to implement. We work with organizations to increase collaboration between them. We also meet individually with clients to onboard them into our system and help them utilize the tools out there to organize their lives and assistances. Our Tech Department has been working on building a Computer Lab and teaching Basic Classes and A+.

Randolph, Massachusetts
New Vision Organization, Inc

New Vision Organization, Inc is a virtual volunteer prisoner advocacy organization which currently advocates to abolish life without parole for first time offenders who were never involved with the law prior to their one time offense. We seek volunteers who are knowledgeable about legal matters and those who can offer assistance to prisoners unable to afford attorneys.

Raynham, Massachusetts
Reformed Catholic Church International New England

Religious non denominational community. We provide support, free of charge, to those who seek assistance. There are no prerequisites for service.

Somerville, Massachusetts
Bedford Research Foundation

BSCRF is a biomedical institute conducting stem cell and related research for diseases presently considered incurable. It does this four ways: Research, Educational Events, Laboratory Products and Services, Educational Media

South Boston, Massachusetts
Medicine Wheel Productions

We invite people to participate in artistic projects through which they explore individual and collective experiences, including an annual World AIDS Day vigil and No Mans Land, an ongoing public garden and landscape project. Our award winning youth programs offer transformational learning with mentor artists that also deepen perspectives in traditional academic subjects while contributing to increased safety in our urban neighborhood of South Boston.

Whitinsville, Massachusetts
Whitin Community Center Childcare

Provide quality child care, affordable family fun, and varied exercise venues to promote healthy life. Community outreach, regardless of income, is acheived through local and state scholarships.

Winthrop, Massachusetts
Cummings School

I hope to develop a laptop corner where students can go for assistance with school assignments. Many students do not have access to a computer at home and therefore are at a disadvantage. I would like to give all my students the opportunity to use a laptop to increase their knowledge across the fourth grade curriculum.

Worcester, Massachusetts

KUMARA FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of supporting the children's education in various underdeveloped areas of India. Kumara Foundation also wishes to bring humanitarian help mainly to the poor, sick, homeless and disenfranchised population in rural India.