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Participating Organizations
from Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Hometown Heroes Louisiana Chapter

Helping people in a crisis regardless of age, race, religion, political standings, through financial assistance, professional services and advocacy.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Notrevo Entertainment Group

We bridge the gap between local aspiring artists and the entertainment industry in Louisiana. We provide a multitude of services to recording artists, songwriters, producers, publishers and other content rights holders.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Capital Area Reentry Coalition

We empower ex-offenders and their families to live the life that God intended.

Gretna, Louisiana

Colorful Dreams seeks to create, fulfill and believe in our youth one dream at a time. Our mission is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. We seek to realize a world where every child knows their value and works to support their community through active citizen.

Kenner, Louisiana
Exceeding Life’s Challenges, Inc.

To provide vocational training, independent living skills, transportation extended educational instruction and parent support group. To the end we seek to make our students active and productive members of society.

Kenner, Louisiana
Sawk - Share Arts With Kids

We provide an artistic outlet to kids and teens to keep them out of gangs, drugs, and other dangerous activities.

Lacombe, Louisiana
Louisiana Aviculture Society

1.Its purpose is to educate and instruct on the proper care, handling and maintenance of psittaciformes 2.To encourage companion bird and captive breeding programs. 3. To encourage research and educational programs about parrots and other pet birds.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Brothers Of The Sacred Heart

We are a religious organization opening a school in rural Mozambique. We offer needy children an opportunity to achieve their potential in a prayerful and friendly atmosphere, challenging them to succeed in a demanding world.

New Orleans, Louisiana
The Treme Cultural Heritage Preservation Foundatio

Our mission is to promote individual and community pride among the residents of Treme and the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area. We are actively involved in the preservation and intellectual exploration of the art, music, history, culture, and architecture of the community through increased access to educational resources and the technology to apply those resources.

Shreveport, Louisiana
Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church #2

Our ministry actively assists those in need in our community. We serve the inner city of West Shreveport, visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons. Through your donation, we hope to increase educational services for youth by providing computers and related technology for an after school learning program.

Slidell, Louisiana
Gulf South Leadership Institute

Gulf South Leadership Institute is a non-profit organization providing Youth Career Development, Workforce Readiness and adult leadership guidance and education for nonprofits, businesses and educational organizations in the Greater New Orleans Area and beyond. Igniting leadership and management practices in vibrant, innovative, and progressive ways.

St. Martinville, Louisiana
Liberty Heights Community Center

We provide assistance to people who have dropped out of school and offer English As A Second Language (ESL) for non and limited English families.