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Participating Organizations
from Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas
Grandview Park Recidence Association

Growth, Restoration, Achievement, Nurturing, Dedication, Vision, Innovation, Empowerment, Warriors.

Kansas City, Kansas
Moorish Science Temple Of America, Inc. #65

Our mission is to aid in the program of uplifting fallen humanity. We teach both men and women to be better citizens, and empower our youth to dare and do wonderous things.

Manhattan, Kansas
Hope And Healing Horse Therapy Ranch

We support PTSD sufferers, military and civilian, by allowing opportunities to groom, do ground work with, and ride horses. During 10 sessions, the client will develop therapeutic relationships with these beautiful animals so as to decrease anxiety and increase confidence and trust in order to improve relationships with their therapists.

Olathe, Kansas
Missions In The Amazon

We are devoted to evangelizing and sharing the Word of God in villages throughout the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Our vision is to bring holistic transformation by developing a self-sustaining program built around local churches. We hope to liberate hearts and minds of restrictive value systems, beliefs and practices.

Parker, Kansas
Helping Hands

We recycle computers and repair computers and give them free of charge to schools, youth centers, and at risk students. We will offer to help with shipping costs.

Soldier, Kansas
Community Core

We cultivate community through utilization of local strengths, nurturing of present structures, and engagement of common passions. We work to make sustainable gains in the impact areas of literacy, eradication of youth and childhood hunger, and community development.