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Participating Organizations
from Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana
Growing Hearts Day Care and PreSchool

Our mission is to provide quality care by certified and trained staff in a loving, caring, Christian environment which encompasses educational, physical, emotional development; to provide positive reinforcement, encouragement, and love, and to emphasize and foster attitudes of mutual respect. Our mission also includes fostering quality communication between parents, children, and child-care providers.

Brook, Indiana
George Ade Memorial Health Care Center

We deliver healthful, affordable and ethical long term care to our residents. We provide an environment committed to the achievement of excellence in the quality of care and service. Our objective is to exceed the needs and expectations of each resident as well as regulatory agencies.

Carmel, Indiana
Net Literacy

Net Literacy student volunteers repurpose donated computers and provides them at no cost to schools, libraries, faith-based organizations, community centers, independent living facilities, and other nonprofits that do not have the financial ability to afford to build a computer lab. We have increased computer access to well over 100,000 in four states - and teach Internet safety and provide computer training to the community. US Senators Lugar and Bayh serve as our Honorary Co-Chairs - and we are empowering our community, one computer at a time.

Fort Branch, Indiana
Warren's Outreach Company

We provide support to local and national food pantries, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens and intend to expand our outreach to international projects, such as providing clean water wells to poor communities, helping to fund the construction of hospitals and medical centers, and promoting the importance of education.

Franklin, Indiana
Youth Connections

We serve at-risk youth through crisis intervention, community education, and mentoring to foster positive relationships and self-worth.

Franklin, Indiana
Gateway Services

The mission at Gateway Services is to assist individuals with disabilities in taking their rightful place as fully functioning citizens in their communities. We bridge the gap by giving the needed support to individuals to allow for full community participation and opportunities. We believe "A Future without limits: Build Community, Create Opportunity, Expect Success, Change lives."

Ft Wayne, Indiana
Friends Of The Third World

Our unpaid volunteers create activities and partnerships with low income individuals and groups. We serve the poor to alleviate poverty and encourage others to take similar action. We assist with the marketing of handmade crafts, and provide skills necessary for retail sales, computer graphics, bookkeeping, and building repairs. We assist others wanting to start similar programs locally or internationally.

Gary, Indiana
Children Soaring For The Future

It is our overall mission to proactively meet the needs of youth in the communities by providing empowering resources that enhance their overall quality of life from a social-emotional, educational, and vocational perspective.

North Webster, Indiana
Wawasee Monsters Swim Club

Our mission is to mold healthy minds and bodies through competitive swimming. We give children an opportunity to excercise effectively, and we teach life skills through competition and training, by setting and achieving goals, and by developing interpersonal relationships in a team environment.