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Participating Organizations
from Illinois

Antioch, Illinois
Faith Evangelical Lutheran School

Our school is preparing students to live successful and meaningful lives in this complex world. We are teaching using the latest methods, and educational techniques. We are preparing our students to share Christ today and to serve him while here on earth. More importantly, we are preparing students and their families to live with Christ in eternity. Preparing students to learn, to share Christ, to serve him, and to live with him forever is what our school is all about.

Aurora, Illinois
Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church and Schoo

Resurrection Lutheran School is an elementary school providing Christian education for prekindergarten through eighth grade. It is an arm of Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church, WELS. Resurrection Lutheran School exists to assist parents in the life-long Christian training of their children, by teaching and instructing in light of God's Word.

Calumet Park, Illinois
Youth First Connections

Provide Tutoring, Mentoring, and Youth Services to youth 8-18

Chatsworth, Illinois
Livingston Area Down Syndrome Society

To be an advocate for those with Down syndrome in order to help them achieve their full potential. Build a sense of community and fellowship for all persons concerned with Down syndrome. Promote the availability of and accessibility to opportunities, resources, and services that meet individual and family needs.

Chicago, Illinois
Gordie Foundation

We provide marketable vocational training in areas such as sewing technology, silk screen printing, computer certification, custodial maintenance, carpentry, barber college and more. We assist with issues related to parenting, substance abuse, youth mentoring and counseling programs. Our focus is to facilitate productive lifestyle change, create job opportunities, help with crime prevention and intervention strategies. Overall we work to better lives in the heart of the Englewood community of Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois
Chabad Of Hyde Park

Provide educational and social resources to the community. To teach Jewish values and ethics to the Jewish community and the wider community.

Chicago, Illinois
Urban Sustain

We equip the next generation with the tools to live in a healthy inner-city environment in which the children are prepared to stand up for a better community through environmental stewardship. We transform lives of youth by raising social consciousness through education and leadership development on environmental health concerns in violence plagued communities.

Chicago, Illinois
ABJ Community Services, Inc

Our aim is to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of families, children, and senior citizens by offering effective health and human services. We provide the most versatile, professional, and supportive individual and group services possible to each client and the community it serves. Services are offered without consideration of age, creed, color or religious affiliation.

Chicago, Illinois
Living Free Center

To provide spiritual, mental, and physical restoration, as well as rehabilatation, and job readiness training.

Chicago, Illinois
Mental Health Association Of Greater Chicago

We provide adolescents and parents mental health education, effective parenting sessions, and more. Our goal is to help students and their families to protect their mental health, help students find answers in a positive way so they do not make the wrong choices and promote partnerships between schools, parents and communities to help our youth find their way. We work towards removing the stigma associated with mental disorders so they feel empowered to find help if needed.

Chicago, Illinois
Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co

Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co. was established in 1986 and is currently in its 24th full season of theater. We are committed to producing theater as an ensemble including actors, directors, and designers who are intimately involved in the process.

Chicago, Illinois
Cambodian Association Of Illinois

Cambodian Association of Illinois enables refugees and immigrants from Cambodia residing in Illinois, especially those in metropolitan Chicago, to become self-sufficient, productive participants in American society while preserving and enhancing their cultural heritage and community.

Chicago, Illinois
Free Geek Chicago

FreeGeek Chicago is a not-for-profit community organization that recycles used computers and parts to provide functional computers, education, internet access and job skills training to the underserved communities of Chicago in exchange for community service.

Chicago, Illinois
More Like Christ Christian Fellowship

Our mission is to make disciples who have an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ; to encourage and train these disciples to be involved in ministry, service and outreach. Our mission for the computers is to teach children and the elderly basic computer skills.

Chicago, Illinois
The New Colony NFP

The New Colony strives to contribute original material to the American artistic canon, and develop a new theater going audience. Through active collaboration with emerging artists of all disciplines, The New Colony continually develops fresh perspectives and aesthetics. With the goal of exploring enticing subject matter and the common language of emotional experience, The New Colony will help cultivate the next generation of arts supporters.

Chicago, Illinois
The Young People's Project

The Mission of the Young People’s Project is to use Math Literacy as a tool to develop young leaders and organizers who radically change the quality of education and life in their communities so that all children have the opportunity to reach their full human potential.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Public Schools Office Of Academic Enhancem

The primary responsibility of the office is to maintain excellence and equity of educational opportunity for all students and achieve a prescribed racial/ethnic balance through the creation of the greatest possible number of stable desegregated schools.

Chicago, Illinois
The Renaissance Collaborative, Inc. (TRC)

The Renaissance Collaborative, Inc. is an award winning affordable housing and supportive service agency dedicated to developing and managing innovative housing environments that renews people and builds a healthier community.

Chicago, Illinois
First Baptist Church of Chicago

The First Baptist Church of Chicago seeks to glorify God in this life, and the life to come. Having been redeemed through his Son, Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we joyfully encourage and serve one another with an invitation to all to partake in the Kingdom of God.

Chicago, Illinois
Agora Community Services Corporatio

We provide tools and counseling services to individuals who wish to either buy a home; improve their properties or retain their homes through tough economic times. Through partnering agencies and caring financial institutions in our neighborhoods, we educate and counsel community residents and property owners with financial management strategies and sound housing information.

Chicago, Illinois
Empowerment Through Education And Exposure

Our mission is to provide youth with educational experiences and exposure activities, empowering them to reach and achieve success beyond their current understanding of what is possible.

Chicago, Illinois
Independent Workers Alliance

We plan to provide necessary job training to at risk youth and low income individuals in high crime neighborhoods located throughout the city of Chicago, we believe if we provide training for individuals in these communities to receive jobs, the violence against one another will begin to stop.

Chicago, Illinois
The Mildred Franks Foundation

The Mildred Franks Foundation Mission is to provide resources that improve the quality of life for Chicago's at-risk youth, teens, adults, and seniors in underserved communities.

Chicago, Illinois
Logan Square Neighborhood Association

Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) is a community-based organization advancing diversity, leader development, and models for engagement as the catalyst for social justice.

Country Club Hills, Illinois
Oka Descendants Union Of North America (US/Canada)

We support Oka Akoko in their efforts to eradicate poverty, disease and inequity through self-help partnership programs. Our vision is to give every Okaland child an opportunity to reach their full potential through access to quality education and health. Programs in the areas of education, health and community development. We make Education and training must be the cornerstone of economic and social reform.

Country Club Hills, Illinois
Helping Elevate You Sister Inc

HEY, Sister Inc. is a social-empowerment and welfare organization for women and their families with a focus on disadvantaged women of color. Our mission is dedicated to enhancing and promoting mental and physical well-being of women and families by spearheading programs and services to combat physical and mental health issues like disease prevention and awareness; social issues like bullying of young people, and other pertinent distresses that inhibit women and families from thriving in a diver

Decatur, Illinois
Foward In Faith Evangelistic Ministries

To be a blessing to less fortunate by helping reach their community. We put together special events, such as food drives for Haiti.

DeKalb, Illinois
Children's Learning Center

Childrens Learning Center provides a coordinated program of quality child care, including health supervision and nutritional, educational and social services for low-income children residing in DeKalb County, Illinois, and nearby communities.

East St. Louis, Illinois
Community Development Sustainable Solutions

We provide smart green and sustainable solutions to create and sustain community development, job training, and mentoring programs by partnering with citizens in the community, faith based organizations, local and federal government as well as private funding sources advocating for the voice and spirit of the community.

Edwardsville, Illinois
Earthtraces Foundation

At EarthTraces we BUILD COMMUNITY by providing onsite outreach, fellowship and teambuilding activities that for churches, schools and everyone benefiting youth, family or community. Further we build the church and the community by being a training and educational resource for those seeking to serve Christ through a career in the church, law enforcement, firefighting, military or emergency medical.

Elgin, Illinois
Training Institute of Elgin

We are a Community Technology Center providing training and instruction free of charge to returning veterans, seniors and all other members of the community. We provide technology education programs, including internet and email safety and how to get the most out of a home computer. Programs are self paced for seniors as well as youngsters. We are Microsoft certified and use their Step-By-Step training manuals.

Elgin, Illinois
BSA Troop 3, Shabbona District

Our organization exists to teach and live the scouting values to youth ages 11-18.

Granite City, Illinois
All Nations Internet Technologies

Our mission is to bridge the digital divide. To keep the environment and landfills free of toxic waste with the education of recycle and reuse.

Lisle, Illinois
Digital Workforce Education Society

To provide the underserved with skills needed to function productively in today's digital economy. This mission is facilitated by supporting other non-profit organizations that directly provide education and services; we educate oganizations and their staff to use technology more efficiently, and provide educational solutions directly to the underemployed and disabled, using technology.

Matteson , Illinois
We Care Development

We provide comprehensive services to those with developmental disabilities, enabling, empowering, and equiping them to live wholesome, quality lives. Our commitment to continued education and training enables us to remain at the forefront of assisting individuals to be as productive as possible.

Orland Park , Illinois
Tomorrows Young Entrepreneur

To secure productive and sustainable opportunities for young people who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs, by taking measurable steps so that each participant will accomplish their goals.

South Holland, Illinois
Empower To Succeed

Empower To Succeed is a Faith Based Employment Advocacy group. Our mission is to facilitate programs and services to assist individuals in becoming self sufficient and improving their quality of life.

Waukegan, Illinois
Shalem Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our mission is to train and equip the membership to meet the needs of the community.

Westchester, Illinois
Grace Central Outreach

We provide economic and social mobility for women, children, men, seniors, and veterans, empowering every life from the youngest to the oldest. We work to create a system to eliminate poverty through education while serving the economically disadvantaged.

Wheaton, Illinois
Jefferson Preschool

Our mission is to inspire, educate, challenge, and support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.

Wheeling , Illinois
Snow Systems

Our Mission if to use recycled products whenever possible.

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
Winthrop Harbor United Methodist Church

To be a guiding light to the lost through the restoration of faith in Christ almighty.

Zion, Illinois
The CityLight International Assembly

The CityLight International Assembly Computer Ministry exists to provide free computers for less privileged families on the Chicago South-Side. As we do this we communicate love and contribute to changing our society by these means of education.