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Participating Organizations
from Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation

The Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance Foundation (HCAF) was formed in September of 2006 by the members of the Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance (HCA). The HCAF was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to secure private support for the programs and activities of the HCA, actively promulgate information on Hawai‘i ’s conservation values and needs, fund conservation grants, and promote conservation education and awareness.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Manoa Japanese Language School

We provide an afternoon school care program in the heart of Manoa focusing in perpetuating the Japanese Language and Culture. Mostly servicing near-by schools, we provide a nurturing environment for over 100 children each day.

Kaneohe, Hawaii
Habilitat Inc.

Habilitat is a charitable nonprofit corporation that provides long-term substance abuse treatment and vocational training to people who were dependent on drugs and or alcohol and led antisocial, self-destructive lifestyles.

Kealakekua, Hawaii
World Peace Center

World Peace Center is an all-volunteer, non-sectarian peace affiliate of the World Peace Prayer Society. Our mission is to inspire people to celebrate diversity rather than use it as a reason for conflict. In the US and abroad, we work in schools, clinics, orphanages and refugee camps. We recently lost several laptops and our fax machine in an overseas move. Replacement equipment is direly needed. Please assist us in our good work. You will be aiding a truly worthwhile cause. Thanks! :)