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Participating Organizations
from District of Columbia

Washington, District of Columbia
Ymca Of Metropolitan Washington

The YMCA of Metropolitan Washington fosters the spiritual, metal and physical development of individuals, families and communities according to the ideals of inclusiveness, equality and mutual respect for all.

Washington, District of Columbia
Center For The Study Of The Presidency

We promote leadership in the Presidency and the Congress to generate innovative solutions to current national challenges. Preserve the historic memory of the Presidency by identifying the lessons from the successes and failures of such leadership. Educate and inspire the next generation of America’s leaders to incorporate civility, inclusiveness, and character into their public and private lives and discourse.

Washington, District of Columbia
Empowerment Enterprise II, Inc.

The mission of Empowerment Enterprise II, also known as “EEII,” is to equip youth with viable life skills through our interactive programs. Empowerment Enterprise II maintains a core focus on ensuring equity, access, and opportunity for youth. To this end, our efforts are concentrated in empowerment and development initiatives that equip youth to live empowered lives and change their communities.

Washington, District of Columbia
Standard For Life Church

Our purpose is to empower people to live to their fullest potential through the word of God. We help people excel by educating, strengthening, and sowing into the lives of the community.

Washington, District of Columbia
Girls Rock! DC

With a base in music education, Girls Rock! DC aims to create a supportive, inclusive and creative space for girls to develop their self-confidence, build community, stand up and rock out!

Washington, District of Columbia
Chance Academy

We prepare inner city students in grades 6 through 12 for acceptance to and graduation from college offering a unique, holistic and arts-integrated educational approach that promotes a wide variety of means for student success. We provide support and opportunity for each child and his or her family to engage in meaningful, relevant and life-long learning skills that includes academics, entrepreneurship and civic leadership.

Washington, District of Columbia
U.S. Association For The University For Peace

UPEACE/US is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by a diverse community of educators and practitioners committed to implementing creative and practical solutions for building a more peaceful world. Our mission is to promote and advance the United Nations mandated University for Peace and the practice of education for peace in the U.S. and beyond.

Washington, District of Columbia
William E. Doar Jr. Public Charter School

We are a Charter School for the Performing Arts which fosters a safe, creative, enjoyable and culturally sensitive learning environment for all students with the goal of providing a college preparatory curriculum. We are open to all District of Columbia residents with two campuses, one in Northeast, and another in Northwest Washington.

Washington, District of Columbia
HeadStart To Life, Inc

We provide employment services to individuals of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, who are underprivileged and/or disabled. Services include job development, job coaching support and work skills classes.

Washington, District of Columbia
Wilderness Technology Alliance

To provide essential technology products, training and services to companies within the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area. Our services will include training low-income and homeless people in computer technology and give them opportunity to get into the workforce.

Washington, District of Columbia
United Black Youth Front, Inc.

Educating the youth by fostering intellectual growth so that they may be prepared for life's challenges here in the 21st century and beyond.

Washington, District of Columbia
The Advocacy Project

AP’s mission is to strengthen, support and empower advocates who work for human rights and seek social justice within their communities.

Washington, District of Columbia
The Leslie Fierce Youth Foundation

We empower, motivate, encourage and assist youth to build confidence and make positive, moral decisions so they will becoming caring, productive citizens. We assist with bridging the digital divide through providing computer training and equitable access to technology.