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Participating Organizations
from California

La Mesa, California
Step Up Uganda

We assist Ugandans in achieving their goals and meeting their needs by encouraging the success of community-based projects, rather than simply imposing our own change and beliefs. We serve to create economically strong community infrastructures which are maintainable by the people living in those the communities.

Antioch, California
Reset Bay Area Community Resources

We support the healthy development of families and communities through providing services to undeserved communities, specifically age group 16 through 24. All our clients have either dropped out of school, not completed highschool, or have become disengaged from school.

Apple Valley, California
Infinite Imagination Inc

We are a performing arts organization educating people about the importance of the performing arts in our everyday lives. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in the performing arts and have been committed to sharing our knowledge and abilities in a positive way. Our company is united in our efforts to build self-esteem, improved health, creativity, motivational skills and community involvement.

Apple Valley, California
Mariana Elementary

Mariana is a title I school serving underprivileged, low socio-economic students. I currenlty service in my program 147 of the neediest of these students. These students are not succeeding with the traditional means of education.

Arcadia, California
Strike Force Gold Softball Team

Our goal is not winning the game, but the opportunity for scholarship allowing our players to further their educational dreams. Each tournament, the players are exposed to premiere college coaches from across the nation. Adhering to strict standards, these colleges bound athletes must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and are encouraged to volunteer for school and community projects.

Avalon, California
The Children's Fossil Fund

We enable children and their parents to go on free or low cost fossil expeditions. Requirements include demonstration of financial need, have children, and have transportation.

Beaumont, California
Murrieta Repertory Theatre

We provide compelling, professional-quality theatre and theatrical training to the Inland Valley region. Our emphasis is on an artistic and challenging program of classical, contemporary and new theatrical works that reflect a creative, nurturing, collaborative and multicultural environment of seasoned performing artists.

Beaumont, California
LJR Intellect Academy Of The Arts

Using the Arts to heal, educate, and empower at-risk youth to become healthy, productive, and self-sufficient adults in the community.

Berkeley, California
Northern California Land Trust

The Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) is one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit Community Land Trusts. NCLT transforms blighted properties into healthy homes and community facilities--making them affordable by selling the homes to low-income families, while retaining ownership of the land. Through resale restrictions in the land lease, NCLT ensures that homes are re-sold at affordable prices in perpetuity.We’ve developed over 200 units of affordable housing & community facilities.

Berkeley, California
Camp Ramah In Northern California

We engage members of our camp community in joyful, transformative experiences that serve as a model for lifelong Jewish learning and practice, commitment to Klal Yisrael (Israel and the Jewish community), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). We do this by offering a unique camping experience that blends intensive specialty programming with cherished Ramah traditions.

Campbell, California
Education Access for African Children Inc.

We support primary and secondary school enrollment for female teachers in the suburban and rural areas of Ethiopia. Limited funds and a lack of adequate teachers, classrooms and learning materials adversely affected the educational environment of our country. We ask your help providing computers and laptops for classrooms in the rural city of Wolkite in Ethiopia.

Carmichael, California

Our current emphasis is to refurbish computers and provide those computers to qualified individuals and organizations. These include at risk, economically disadvantaged, or disabled individuals and the organizations that serve these communities.

Carson, California
Dixon Recovery Institute

At Dixon recovery our primary mission and philosophy is to strengthen the family unit by promoting sobriety and well-being through proactive programs of education, prevention, and intervention. In addition to Alcohol and Drug Education, our program provides tutoring in Math and English language arts, computer skills training, Gang Intervention/prevention, Anger management and coping skills.

Compton, California
Youthscore Edutainment Group Inc.

We create programs to give the kids/youth we serve positive alternatives to crime and violence. We provide a nurturing and safe environment in which kids can explore their creativity without fear of judgment or ridicule. We currently reach hundreds of students each week through our Mobile productions as part of an innovative in the schools program.

Corona, California
Pathways To Adventure

We offer a variety of programs including; Adventure Days, Camp Fish Overnights and special agency events for families who may have a family member with a special need. Everything is conducted by our PTA Youth Mentorship Team.

Corona, California
The Just Believe Project, Inc.

We assist homeless men and women living with a chronic and life altering illness. We provide emergency, bridge, and supportive housing. We offer a business center with computers and other resources to assist the population with Life skills development. It is our mission to work on the Spirit, Mind, and Body; through teaching new habits and skills.

Culver City, California
Best Buddies California

We provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may find meaningful employment, improved social opportunities, and leadership skills.

Culver City, California
Booster Club Of Playa Del Rey

We are a group of volunteer parents whose primary purpose is to raise money for Playa del Rey Elementary School. We fund raise, volunteer, support the teachers and staff and keep Playa parents informed about school news, events and needs. The funds we raise support every student in every grade. We fund art, music, drama, PE, and other supplies not provided by the district.

Fairfield, California
Fairfield-Suisun Community Action Council, Inc.

The Fairfield/Suisun Community Action Council, Incorporated is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit, public service and community based organization that serves the Fairfield/Suisun area through direct human/social services. In addition, our on going mission is; to improve the way in which we deliver these services, to make every effort to better prepare & educate our consumers and to increase public awareness of our agency & our clients needs. The purpose of the CAC is to help people in the Fairfield-Suisun community who are in-crisis or at-risk and who lack the means and resources to overcome barriers to living self-sufficiently.

Fairfield, California
Mending Wings Inc

Mending Wings Inc is a non-governmental charitable organization. The primary services of the organization are Community Support Services through Computer Literacy, Youth Leadership, Performing Arts, Music, Dance, Entertainment, Sports Programs, Baseball Camps, Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Support Services , CERT. We travel to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need.

Fontana, California
Computer Literacy Outreach For Africa

Provide technology resources and literacy education to less privileged African children and the communities with no access to computer, bridge the digital divide by helping to establish Community Technology Centers and placing one computer in each classroom.

Fresno, California

We assist children ages 6 to 18 in becoming productive members of society by instilling positive Emotional, Cultural, Educational, Vocational and Social values. Our aim is to build a better environment within our community while providing safe haven for at-risk children and young adults.

Gilroy, California
Children and the Country Life

We are dedicated to the improvement of lives, of those less fortunate in variety of ways. :Educational :Drug Free :Family Violence Prevention :Environmental Health Projects :Ranch Farm Agricultural Activities :Promotes Nutrition :Sports

Grass Valley, California
Sierra Jazz Society

Our mission is to pass on the uniquely American tradition of jazz with the highest musical standards, believing music and the arts are the heart of life. We sponsor an annual summer Jazz Camp, concerts and workshops, providing musical experiences that weave together the elements of jazz.

Hacienda Heights, California
College Bridge

We increase college access and success for under-represented low-income, minority, first generation college students.

Harbor City, California
Rebuilding Together Greater Los Angeles

Our mission is A safe and healthy home for every person. We achieve this through our vision of providing no-cost repairs and safety modifications to low income homeowners.

Hawthorne, California
Nest Feathers

To provide professional interior design services and resources to families and individuals in need that would not normally receive these services. Our purpose is to manifest the abundance that exists in our community, and manage the unique opportunities that arise by connecting people of varied life experiences for a common goal.

Huntington Beach, California

Our mission is to launch successful entrepreneurs by unleashing innovation, creativity and passion.” How can you encourage someone to shoot for the sky? Someone with big ideas, but little support? Someone from an underserved community, doing their best to get by? At CIELO, we believe it takes resources, expert advice, and commitment to helping these individuals see success. Because when an ambitious few are empowered, they propel their entire community towards uplifting change

La Habra, California
The Gary Center

Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable community based services to children, adults and families. Our primary emphasis is on child well being, educating and supporting the entire family and fostering a healthy community.

Lake Forest, California
Foothill Family Church

We are dedicated to educating and strengthening Christians from all religious backgrounds. We believe faith is applicable beyond the walls of the church, so we strive to positively impact the Southern California region through volunteer-driven outreach, local media, and meaningful dialogue with the community.

Lancaster, California

I have a goal to get through high school and college and become successful in my future job.

Lancaster, California
Oasis Dream Center

To provide a platform for men to recover from the addiction of drugs and alcohol. To provide vocational training-retraining so these same men can support themselves when they complete our one-year program.

Livermore, California
Open Heart Kitchen

We provide the only hot meal program of its kind in the Tri-Valley Area feeding the hungry every weekday at five locations in Pleasanton, Livermore and Dublin. An interfaith effort founded in 1995, we serve more than 236,000 meals annually with no qualifying process and no questions asked. Guests come from all walks of life: the homeless; senior on fixed incomes; the unemployed and underemployed; and low-income families struggling to make ends meet.

Los Angeles, California
The Spirit Of The Truth

Our mission is to spread the Spirit and Truth of the Gospel. We are a self-supporting faith based ministry featuring free books, multimedia and mobile applications that are informative, educational and newsworthy. We provide community services including drug prevention, community outreach and shelter facilities for displaced families.

Los Angeles, California
Anti-Recidivism Coalition

We reduce incarceration, improve the outcomes of formerly incarcerated individuals, and build healthier communities. We are a support network, a connection to services, and an advocate for just & fair policies.

Los Angeles , California
The City School

We are a new and growing charter middle school located in the city of Los Angeles. We were created by the passion of parents and teachers wanting a better education for our children. The success of our students has been overwhelming for our first year, so we've added an additional grade. Our school does not receive funding as LASUD, so we are in urgent need of computers for our hardworking students to learn.

Los Angeles , California
La Hearts Arts

The mission of LA HEARTS ARTS is to promote the arts and arts related careers to youth in South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California
La Community Outreach Center

Our shelter was founded to address the needs of homeless men, women, mothers and children who helped us rebuild after the LA riots 20 years ago. We are still in operation today, with nineteen residents, including two children. We provide food, clothing, and services to our residents as well as daily food distribution to the community. With your help we hope to provide computer literacy classes to our residents and the community. The high school graduation rate is currently 50% in this area.

Los Angeles, California
Helping Hand Foundation Center, Inc.

We enhance the lives of youth, seniors, the physically challenged, homeless and young offenders by providing a hand up through compassion, knowledge and opportunity. We offer family financial and academic literacy, computer technology, youth leadership summits, youth entrepreneurship, art as a healing balm, food programs, college preparedness and community revitalization.

Los Angeles, California
JSG Transitional Housing

To be a transitional housing program that provides a supportive environment that will assist women in recovery. To give them a place to live while they learn to become self-supportive, self reliant contributors to society.

Los Angeles, California
Korean American Volunteer Corps

We provide the economically disadvantaged with community resources which help to stabilize and improve their lives.

Los Angeles, California
Initiating Change In Our Neighborhoods, CDC

We staff a business assistance program for micro-enterprises, offer community programs in affordable housing complexes, teach financial literacy to youth and adults and conduct participatory urban planning research in several areas. We were founded in 2000 in response to high rates of poverty and health disparities, and low rates of civic engagement and educational attainment in the NE San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles, California
Pure Hearts R Us Inc.

We collect quality, nutritious, perishable and non-perishable surplus food for redistribution to anyone in need.

Los Angeles, California
Aldama Elementary

At Aldama Elementary School, we strive to maximize our students’ academic potential. Students will achieve proficiency in reading, mathematics, and English Language Development as considered by multiple measures.

Los Angeles, California
The Good Neighbor Program

Texas Inter-Faith, doing business as the Good Neighbor Program, provides supportive services to qualified low-income apartment communities. The Good Neighbor Program is focused on empowering residents, thus enabling them to claim and maintain their self-sufficiency. Our resident services are customized and timed to provide the advancement, improvement and social needs of each community as these opportunities arise.

Los Angeles, California
The Jonah Project

Located in the heart of Skid Row we are committed to helping the homeless with jobs, short and long term housing, medical, and drug rehabilitation.

Los Angeles, California
Trade&Row Corp.

Trade&Row is a nonprofit organization established to raise awareness of current social issues. Our projects are designed to bring people together and facilitate dialog, and require community participation to be successful. We are focused on developing and producing community-oriented programs and events that are accessible, inclusive and conversational.

Los Angeles, California
Heritage Empowered Arts Legacy Inc.

To bridge the gap between the people's awareness of the art, cultural education and entertainment value extant in their community; by building strategic partnerships and providing Business & Creative leadership to empower Los Angeles underserved urban core in the preservation and presentation of their historical, cultural and artistic legacies through programs & special events.

Los Angeles , California
1 Plastic Life

1 Plastic Life is a nonprofit organization focused on reducing plastic pollution in low income communities by providing job training opportunities to homeless and unemployed people

Los Angeles, California
Fathers And Mothers Who Care

We provide charitable services to families, sparking community development by restoring under-served communities. We provide educational services and opportunities while offering continued support to individuals and families our communities.

Los Angeles, Ca, California
Washington Senior Prepartory High School

We are an urban four-year comprehensive high school committed to providing a quality education enabling each member of the diverse student body to strive for excellence to fulfill and reach his/her full potential. We ensure that each student, upon graduation, will possess the academic and social skills needed to think critically, function in a diverse society, and participate as informed responsible citizens prepared for leadership in their community, the world, and all areas of life.

Mariposa, California
Mariposa Heritage House

We provide a safe, healthy, clean and sober support center reaching out to adults and their families seeking to change their lives. As a program of the Mariposa County Department of Human Services and in operation since 2001, we have gained recognition as a unique drop-in recovery center. In 2011, we joined the team of programs at the Alliance for Community Transformations.

Martinez, California
Contra Costa Arc

Contra Costa ARC provides support programs, early intervention assistance, and assisted care for developmentally disabled citizens of Contra Costa County, CA. We also run work programs that allow people to work towards self-sufficiency. Our services and programs provide a huge benefit to our consumers and their families.

Mckinleyville, California
Redwood Teen Challenge

We rescue people from the streets and a life of destruction, we rebuild individuals mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, we help the overall person heal from any life controlling issue such as drugs and alcohol, and we return individuals to the community, their families and to the workforce.

Modesto, California
Grace Baptist Fellowship

We are a church in the poorest part of Modesto, Ca. We have dedicated over 1,000 sq ft for a Community Computer Lab to work with ex-felons and ex-gang members and their families. The goal is GED preparation, ESL and reading improvement. The County Probation Offices wants to transfer Anger Management and Domestic Violence classes to us. We need to fill 20-24 computer stations. We have a MicroSoft certified IT person/instructor on site.

Moorpark, California
Community Synergy

Community Synergy exists to serve the community and influence the youth and parents through music and arts

Moreno Valley, California
Rising Stars Business Academy

Rising stars Business Academy is designed to motivate educate and inspire young people to become leaders and entrepreneurs by bridging the gap between the youth and the community

murrieta, California
Animal Rescue Kompany (ARK)

Mission statement. Animal Rescue Kompany is Dedicated to saving animals. Our goal is to decrease the amount of euthanization by increasing the amount of adoptions. We are also dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals through education.

North Hollywood, California
Computech for Humanity

CompuTech for Humanity was founded to bring computer technology access to low-income handicapped individuals and low-income family with children.

Norwalk, California
Paddison School

We have a large number of homeless and low income children, and technology will help make lesson materials more meaningful for the students. Our students deserve a better chance at preparing for their future.

Norwalk, California
Saints Of Value

Our mission is to assist disadvantaged citizens to rise above circumstances and improve their quality of life. We accomplish our mission through food, education, clothing, and crisis-assistance services.

Norwalk, California
Dr. Barbara Seniors Harkins Foundation

We strive to motivate children to pursue education beyond high school. We believe the way to achieve this is by combining studying with inspirational out-of-school activities. We want to define the next generation of scholars, not only by what they learn in the classroom, but also through their experiences beyond the text books and outside of the traditional learning environments.

Oakland, California
First Truth MBC Tutorial Program

We are an after-school and weekend education, tutorial and support program for low income youth and families in Oakland, California. We are supported by volunteers, and believe that if we can receive computers and classroom equipment for our program, this will greatly assist the children.

Oakland, California
Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation

We are a non-denominational, multi-cultural, 100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families and organizations at no cost. We have offices in New York (10031) and Oakland.

Oakland, California
Stepping Together

We are a collaborative, non-profit organization with the goal of improving, developing, and offering vital social services to our community. Our projects bring together people of different backgrounds to improve our lives in a variety of areas — including community development, health (medical, mental, social, and financial) and wellness, and social activism.

Pacifica, California
Kateri Tekakwitha Mission Fund

The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund is a small 501(c)3 non-profit organiztion which works in Guatemala to empower Guatemalans to better their lives through education and income producing activities.

Pacoima, California
Pacoima Community Technology Center

Our mission is provide access to computer training and education to low income families including senior citizens and handicapped individuals.

Palo Alto, California
Face Aids

We are building a global movement of young leaders to fight HIV/AIDS. We harness young peoples passion for social change and equip them with the skills, resources, and community to fight HIV/AIDS and promote global health equity now and throughout their lives. We also empower HIV-affected youth in impoverished communities with access to credit, savings, and business skills training.

Pinon Hills, California
Fallen Horses, Inc.

We provide daily care, rehabilitation, and re-training of horses by dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the welfare of our horses for the lifetime of each horse. We accept abused, neglected or abandoned horses into our program while the health and temperament of each is evaluated. Rehabilitation programs are tailored to the needs of each horse in order to maximize recovery.

Pomona, California
St. Madeleine School

We, the community of believers, of St. Madeleine Catholic School in partnership with our school families are committed to providing a Christ-centered environment. Our mission is to create a foundation for higher education, nurture Catholic values and to encourage our students to confidently achieve academic excellence by thinking critically, communicating effectively and responding compassionately to the community.

Rancho Cucamonga, California
Lifeway Church Ministries

We enhance lives in our community through economic development programs, leadership, prayer support, and Harvest House, which provides food, clothing and ministry for those in need. We feed the souls of men, women and children with Bible study and facilitate after school tutorial programs.

Redding, California
Vigilante Kindness

We pursue self-sustaining educational and employment opportunities related to furthering education with and for students and their families living in rural communities in developing countries; work on the ground with said communities to address specific local challenges as identified by the community that constitute barriers to the education of students living in those communities; and partner with said communities on projects suggested and designed

Sacramento, California
Open Doors Slavic Ministries

We minister to the poor and homeless in the Ukraine and Russia. Our all volunteer organization operates food kitchens and homeless shelters for children, elderly, and vulnerable people. We help through providing basic survival needs while providing opportunities for those with addictions to break free. Our website offers many photos and a deeper explanation of our work.

Sacramento, California
Open Doors Slavic Ministries

Open Doors Slavic Ministries focuses on providing emergency aid to local impoverished families in times of need. We support local and international aid projects such as the Sacramento Shelter Project and the Children in Need Project in Ukraine.

Sacramento, California
Positive Option Family Service

We are a non-profit treatment level Foster Family Agency offering community services and support for foster children and the families who care for them. We offer a variety of professional services including supervised visitation, parent education classes, counseling and therapy, and foster parent training.

Sacramento, California
Equip The Community, Inc

We provide financial literacy and entrepreneurship education to middle and high school students from low-wealth communities.

San Bernardino, California
Community Christian College

Community Christian College, with campuses in primarily under-served urban communities, exists as an associates degree granting liberal arts institution to educate students in a Christian world view by developing the skills, competencies, and character to engage and thrive in our diverse world.

San Diego, California
Amor Ministries

Amor Ministries is a local non profit that has been operating in San Diego for over 30 years. As a organization we build homes for poverty stricken families in Mexico and South Africa. We believe that God has called us to serve his people and we do that by providing hope for families in need. We hope to accomplish this by providing opportunities for people and groups all over the world to come to San Diego and work along side these people in Mexico and other areas.

San Diego, California
International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is among the worlds largest non-profit, non-sectarian, voluntary agencies providing assistance to refugees, displaced persons and others fleeing persecution and violent conflict.

San Diego, California
Family Readiness Group 96th Military Police Battal

The Family Readiness Group has dedicated itself to helping members of the United States Army Reserve and their families cope with and prepare for the stresses and challenges that accompany serving the military. Our group extends services at the 96th Military Police Battalion located in San Diego, California. Soldiers and families of this unit live throughout San Diego and surrounding counties. The Family Readiness Group strives to make life for Soldiers and their families less stressful by providing them with a close network of fellow military families willing and able to help them during situations that can include but by not means are limited to emotional strains, employment transitions, financial hardships and unexpected family emergencies.

San Francisco, California
Reachoutnshare Inc.

We support charitable causes focused on educational needs of children in developing countries, especially those in rural or remote areas. We donate textbooks, library materials, school supplies, laptops, computers, printers, and other equipments. We partner with organizations to build libraries and help develop livelihood projects assisting poor, out-of-school youth. At this time we are very active in the Philippines.

San Francisco, California
David Cox

We require ten laptops for low-income students for teaching creative writing to grade-school in Chinatown.

San Francisco, California

We facilitate spreading the love of God through training students to reach out to those in need of resources. We benefit our community through providing church services, counseling, youth programs, and our reaching out to those in poverty. We have a youth-run night club, along with a team of people dedicated to their future success.

San Francisco, California
City Of Dreams

We help youth living in low income housing build brighter futures through mentorship and youth development. Our vision is to end the generational poverty cycle.

San Francisco, California
Three Squares

Our mission is to encourage and enable healthy food choices and sustainable agriculture through education, research, and advocacy.

San Francisco, California
ETM-Bay Area

We promote the integration of music into the curricula of schools serving disadvantaged areas in order to enhance academic performance and general development. Our program is based on the Education Through Music (ETM) model which has had proven success in New York City since 1991.

San Francisco, California
Action For Nature

We encouraging young people to take personal action to nurture and protect a healthy environment on which all life depends. Our program honors the work of young people between the ages of 8 and 16 who have done creative environmental projects.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco Teen Challenge

To provide youth, adults and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.

San Francisco , California
Wagz Pack's Service Pups, Inc.

We give back to our community by way of volunteering our services whenever a need for assistance arises. We are a non-profit proud and capable organization willing not only to physically assist but also to hold public fund raisers and return all proceeds to the community in the form of grants to other community service organizations.

San Francisco, California
Bay Leaf Kitchen

Our mission is simple: To teach children and families how to create, cook and share sustainable, healthy food and to foster a connection between our community and our farmers.

San Gabriel, California
Family Promise Of San Gabriel Valley

We are a network of more than 150 Family Promise affiliates in 41 states across the country. Family Promise Of San Gabriel Valley has been providing temporary housing and other assistance to homeless families in our region since December 2011.

San Jose, California
Anderson Elementary School

To educate student and facilty on the used of high tech equipment and aid in studies by students to advance education

San Jose, California
Women Of Destiny International, Inc.

Our mission is to served the under-served families and provide them with help to get their education. Our Vision is to aid children to achieve life's skills and for academic excellence, that they will strive toward a life of self-sufficiency.

San Jose, California
USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation

The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA) is here to increase ability to demonstrate the strength of families with killed in action (KIA) or died of wounds (DOW) while in our U.S. Armed Forces. KIA family and public support through USAKIA programs such as membership, memorials, and direct support to KIA families will honor their memory, show gratitude, and provide America with social justice.

San Rafael, California
Dunham Academy

Our K-8 school educates academically gifted and motivated students. The myth is that these children have it easy in school. The truth is that mainstream education is difficult for them: many tune out, act out, or move out. A high percentage even drop out of high school. These trends reverse when gifted kids are educated in small peer groupings, allowing them to move at their own pace, and emphasizing critical thinking skills. We provide that education, yet there is no public funding for it.

San Ramon, California
United Methodist Church

California Nevada Conference Program for Haiti is to establish a school lunch program for children at a school in Thomas, Haiti. In addition, we propose to provide education and other community development programs to the community of Thomas. These include: sustainable agriculture training, a clean water initiative, English and computer classes. Our goal is to offer computer training as a job/life skill.

Santa Ana, California
eWaste Disposal

We are devoted to giving computers a second chance. We ensure that equipment passed on to nonprofits and schools is working well and runs legal software. We dispose of non-usable parts or e-waste responsibly.

Santa Rosa, California
Santa Rosa Tool Library

The Santa Rosa Tool Library (SRTL) provides hand and power tools for home repair, landscaping, and automotive work, free of charge. SRTL is committed to helping people who live or work in Sonoma Country reduce the cost of maintaining, and improving the places in which they live, work, and play.

Santa Rosa, California
Countryside Rescue

We rescue abandoned, homeless animals and place them into permanent, stable, loving forever homes. Our goal is to help reduce the number of homeless animals, assist in reducing the number of unaltered animals in the community and increase responsible pet ownership.

Seaside, California
Fitch Middle School

Through dynamic, engaging learning experiences and collaborative partnerships within our diverse Coastal community, the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District ensures that each student will attain the intellectual, social and personal knowledge to passionately seek the challenges of the future.

Shingle Springs, California
A Ranch Of Light

We provide horsemanship opportunities for children who cannot ordinarily afford them. We educate youth and the public with ongoing Equine safety instruction and training. We train youth and equip them to become compassionate volunteers serving in our community.

Soquel, California
Boomerang Foundation

To ignite the power of young people to create a more compassionate world through meaningful community service and leadership.

Stockton, California
Cullinan Group Foundation

The Cullinan Group Foundation (CGF) is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit based in the US. We find the rough diamond (people) and make them shine by means of training, job and other humanitarian assistance so they can move up in life.

Stockton, California
Harvest Church Ministries

Harvest Church Ministries is transitioning from a church behind walls to a body of people involved in its community. We are hear to reach out to those in need through giving, counseling, prayer, and support. We have been granted the opportunity to work with a low income apartment complex to provide tutoring to grade level students. We want to see these students exceed in their school, move onto college, and enter the work force well prepared.

Torrance , California
Comprehensive Housing Consultant

We offer a full range of programs and services that provide support, education, guidance, along with counseling that help families and individuals reach their goals of home ownership, foreclosure prevention and financial stability.

Torrance, California
Calvary Community Church

We share the Good News of God to our community and help youth to be contributors of society. We bring people together to help, share, and love one another.

Torrance, California

We use computers and the Internet for the cross-cultural communication of the gospel of Jesus Christ, employing web pages, mobile devices, social media and Internet cafes to share the Gospel. We're involved with theological training, leadership development, counseling, missions and pastor support.

Tujunga, California
Organization for Strategic Studies

Provide jobs for disabled American veterans and senior citizens with disabilities. To promote community activities through the publication of a local newspaper.

Tustin, California
Hands For Africa

We provide tools and restore hope to civil war survivors in Sierra Leone. Our scholarship program provides the opportunity for children to escape poverty and receive an education that will set the foundation for lifelong benefits and self-reliance. We provide scholarships to amputee survivors and their children that help cover the costs of tuition, books, uniforms, supplies, and meals for a year.

Vallejo, California
Hope Haven Transitional Shelter, Inc.

Hope Haven opened its door January 1, 2003 in the city of Vallejo, California. Hope Haven is (a lovely home environment for homeless women) who are not abusing drugs or alcohol and desire an opportunity to transition back into society as productive, responsible and independent persons. We have homeless women with children in need of modern technology, PC Computers or laptops so that the children can do school assignments and women can also enroll in educational classes online.

Van Nuys, California
Upendo Learning Center (ULC)

Our Mission is to address the after school needs of all struggling school age children with priority given to children with Special Needs and those from low-income families. This includes transition and enrichment programs tailored to address individual goals and needs of every child.

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Heroes On The Water Central Coast Chapter

We help military service members and veterans relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate through kayak fishing and the outdoors. HOW helps warriors reconnect to self, family, job, and community, providing a social network to assist with their journey home.

Venice, California

Our mission is to create livelihoods for youth living in slums by employing them in a sales network to sell life-changing products.

Venice, California

Our mission is to make safety affordable for all survivors of domestic violence so that they can build lives free from violence for themselves and their children. We’re looking past crisis intervention to violence prevention, by helping survivors achieve financial stability so that they can leave and never have to go back. This is how we will break the cycle of violence against women in the US.

Walnut, California
United We Care for Children & the Disadvantaged

To provide a bridge of communication and assistance among children To help children develop a sense of care, responsibilities and dilligence To encourage children to appreciate and treasure what they now have