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Public Donation Offers
for Tuesday, May 24th 2022

Los Angeles, California 90025 
28 Apr 22
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
Six boxes of envelopes, I think there are about 600 in each box. My company moved offices so we're no longer able to use these since they have our old office letterhead on them. I know this is an excessive amount of envelopes hahah but wanted to see if anyone would have a use for these so they don't go to waste! You can just cover up the logo (it's pretty small) with a sticker or sharpie and send out letters or can be used for an art project if you wanted! Let me know if you have any questions! Giving these away for free so ideally would like to coordinate pickup if you live in the los angeles area.
DN1431820 · 0 · 26 · P · -21

San Diego, California 92101 
24 Mar 22
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
Binders: Some new and some used but all in good shape. So many binders. All different sizes, mostly white but some black and blue and red ones in there too.
DN2526034 · 0 · 61 · P · -31

Walnut Creek, California 94521 
16 Mar 22
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
We have - about 10 wood office desks (6 feet by 6.5 feet) - about 10 computer chairs
DN1804255 · 0 · 69 · P · -39

San Francisco, California 94105 
15 Mar 22
Offerer may negotiate shipping
64 pencil holders 33 calculators 27 4.5cmx3cm post-its 10 1cmx4.5cm post-its 60 regular square post-its 4 lined 15cmx9.5cm post-its 49 regular sized scissors 4 small scissors 13 glue sticks 18 liquid whiteouts 41 whiteout strips 14 rulers 2 1.8inx1.3in 1 subject lined notebooks 2 10.5inx8in 1 subject notebooks 9.5inx11inx30in box full of multi sized binder clips 3.8inx5.7inx2.7in box full of expo markers, highlighters and colorful pens 5.5inx5.7inx4.7in full of tape dispensers and staplers
DN1993442 · 0 · 70 · P · -40

Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 
12 Mar 22
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
donation offer: Xerox Work Centre Multi function Office Copier #5325. Copy, Print, Fax and email capable. Excellent condition , like new , used in my home office. recipient must be local and able to pick up the copier.
DN1667494 · 0 · 72 · P · -42