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Re: Request Form

Thank you.

No matter what language you speak,
or where you live in the world,
I need your help.

Help involves technical work,
so not everyone is capable,
but you might be.

This project needs to be on Github,
and that is the first step.
If you don't know how to use Github,
then there is little you can do to help
send money to pay someone to work on Github.

It really boils down to that.

After Github,
this system exists in a LAMP environment.
If you cannot work within a LAMP environment,
or believe there is a better approach,
such as a stand alone app
then please make a proposition
on how we might work together
to make the transition.

The Nonprofit Exchange Network is a good idea,
it just cannot be done alone,
it's a community effort,
a team effort,
and there are several different approaches to take.

If you are a tech person,
or someone with the money and will
to support one, or two, or three,
write for the rest of the story.