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Most Recent Donation Offers
from Nebraska

Omaha, 68130

Lexmark 13L0820 2007 Inkjet Printer. Excellent condition. Original users manuals/cables, etc. Dell keyboard, excellent condition.

Omaha, 68110

We have about 15 used monitors that we'd be interested in donating from our non profit office. We upgraded to flat screen monitors. All are old but in working condition.

Omaha, 68152

HP desktop comuter, windows XP, 100GB hard drive, 58mb memory. CD writer, 3.5 drive, 5 USB ports, internet capable. good working condition.

Omaha, 68142

HP Photosmart Printer 7960

Omaha, 68104

Dell - approx 7 years old, 40gig, XP, printer, keyboard, speakers, etc...

Omaha, 68137

Brother MFC DCP-1000 Black ink only, printer, scanner, fax. 2003 machine with new drum and 2 new toners. Compatible with XP and earlier. Works perfectly.

Wood River, 68883

(1) Sony AITi30/S StorStation internal AIT-2 tape drive, model # ATDNA2. Six years old. Very functional; we upgraded to a larger capacity backup system. It was used in a Dell PowerEdge 2800 server. (1a) Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 (Ultra SCSI160) to run the internal tape drive. (1b) Sony AIT Cleaning Cartridge - to clean the tape drive. (2) 5 x Hynix DDR memory sticks, 256MB, 400MHz, CL3, PC3200U-30330. Used on old Dell PC's - PII's and PIII's. (3) 1 x Infineon DDR memory stick, 256MB, 400MHz, CL3, PC3200-30330/-A0, 32Mx64. (4) 2 x Nanya memory sticks that came in a Dell Latitude D820 laptop. 1GB, 2Rx8, PC2-5300S-555-12-F1. Just upgraded the laptop with 2 x 2GB sticks.

Omaha, 68132

Dell desktop, epson stylus printer RX600, G4 Mac desktop w/ monitor

Bellevue, 68123

Compaq Presario, Windows XP, 64GB of disks, Compaq X86 Family 6 Stepping 2 AMD 898MHZ CPU, 384 MB memory, 16" monitor with external speakers, mouse, keyboard.