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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions from Prospective Donors

Q: How do I donate or dispose of my items?

You may list your offering here, and within 24 hours it will be posted here

If you have something any of our participating nonprofit organizations want or need, you will receive a confidential mailing from them through our system. Your identity will always remain confidential, and the email you receive will reveal all necessary contact information about the requestee.

Depending on what you have to offer, you may receive several requests for your offering, or none at all. You may respond to any nonprofit requestee at your own discretion. Who you choose to give is completely up to you, and your identity is not revealed until you initiate return contact.

Q: What sort of items do you accept?

You may offer to donate anything you feel would be useful to a growing nonprofit, only please describe your offering accurately and truthfully. List anything reusable you would like liquidate or remove from storage, including computers, laptops, educational and office supplies, equipment and furnishings. Some organizations will collect used cellphones, printer cartridges, and other redeemable items. If your offering is scrap and salvage, please say so clearly. We serve a variety of nonprofit groups who often have a multitude of needs.

Q: Where are you located and do you pickup?

Recycles.Org is a network of individual, independent, and unaffiliated nonprofit organizations linked together through this website. When you offer to donate equipment, if what you have to offer is useful to one of our participants, you will be contacted by them through our system.

Upon receiving a request, you will be supplied with complete location and contact information for the participating organization. We are an exchange network, comprised of hundreds of participating nonprofit organizations with locations throughout the world. Your offer is presented to our participants in a structured and confidential manner, making the process of giving easy, convenient, and secure.

Q: How are donated items used?

Each nonprofit organization contacting you will list their organizational goals and objectives. You are provided with complete contact information, including their website address, each time a request is made. If you decide to give to a particular group, strike up an email dialog with them, and ask them directly about your concerns. Within each request, a telephone number will be included if you would prefer voice contact.

Q: Is my contact information protected from abuse?

Yes. Requests will be forwarded to you from participating organizations through this website. You may ignore or respond to any request at your own discretion. Your contact information will never be revealed by us to anyone, and will remain confidential. To stop receiving requests, simply cancel your offer at anytime. A link to cancel your offering is included within each email you receive, and your cancellation order is effective immediately.

Q: How do I change or cancel my offer once submitted?

Immediately upon submitting your offer, the information is distributed to our participants, therefore, you cannot change your offer, rather you must cancel your original offer, and submit your offer again. There is a direct link to cancel your offer on every email we send to you. Upon canceling any offer, all related requests immediately cease.

Q: Do you assess a value for tax purposes?

With certain exceptions, nonprofits are instructed not to place a value on donated goods. The donor is responsible for setting the value of gifts, which may be based on fair market value. Businesses may have already expensed items and will therefore have no deduction beside shipping costs. Contact your tax professional for specific details related to your particular situation.

Q: Do you scrub, wipe, or clean hard drives?

You must make arrangements with the nonprofit group with whom you choose to donate, or do the job yourself. Sensitive data should never leave your hands without legal assurance of destruction. To do the job yourself, you will find several free software downloads listed in this Google Directory which will guide you through the process.

Q: Do you provide EPA certification for donations of monitors?

We are a nonprofit exchange network, and therefore provide no more than a service to link prospective donors together with willing nonprofit recipients. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have a list of officially approved methods for electronic recyclers. The EPA does issue a set of voluntary Guidelines for Material Management under their Plug-In to eCycling Program. Further information from the EPA can be found here.

Q: No one seems to want my old equipment. Can you give me any tips on how to get this junk out of my office?

Consider this information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Next, try a Google search using these keywords: "computer recycling your-zip-code" Your search results should bring up a local map with a list of scrap and salvage businesses near you that may be able to help.

Questions from Nonprofit Participants

Q: How can we participate?

An extended FAQ with questions of concern to participating nonprofit organizations is now under development here.

Q: We have a question about . . .

The extended or main FAQ for all participants who wish to make or who have already made requests through our exchange network is located here. Chances are quite likely that any question you may have has already been answered. Please be considerate of our time when writing to us. As a responsible participant, you are obligated to read our FAQ so to understand how and why we function as we do.