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We do offer special accounts to businesses and individuals who recycle. If you feel eligible, read the information in the links provided. In any event, you must have a website, or there must be information available on-line specifically about you or your business.

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Using clear and concise statements, briefly describe your mission statement. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. Do not blindly cut and paste text into this box. Make a sincere, personal attempt to be articulate. Proofread your statement, as it will be cut short at 500 characters. DO NOT place any other messages in this box.

Your ability to comprehend these simple instructions above and to state your mission in an intelligent manner is vital to your acceptance into our professional community.

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The information you are about to submit will be reviewed for authenticity. Your organization must have a functional webpage to be approved for our service, and the information on your page will be verified. Your page must contain location and contact information, and clearly reflect your nonprofit status. If you do not have a webpage, refer to our FAQ and do not submit this form.

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